Georgetown Removes Pro-Planned Parenthood Page That Violated University Policy

Education | Dominic Mancini
Apparently Planned Parenthood is a 'civil rights' group

OPINION: Most Major Media Outlets Are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR By Planned Parenthood. Here's How To Break Through

Opinion | Thomas Ciesielka
The fight against abortion is exhausting but let us not grow weary. God is on our side

56 Lawmakers Sign Letter Calling For Planned Parenthood Probe

US | Virginia Kruta
'Planned Parenthood failed in its duty.'

Trudeau To Push Foreign Aid For Overseas Abortions At G7

World | David Krayden
‘How can we transform what we call the global architecture of humanitarian assistance and development?’

US Fertility Rates Have Plummeted Into Uncharted Territory, And Anybody With Common Sense Knows Why

| Janet Morana
Heaven help Social Security!

Catholic Ireland Votes To Legalize Abortion In What PM Calls A 'Quiet Revolution'

World | Henry Rodgers

Kellyanne Conway On Trump Defunding Planned Parenthood: 'Abortion Is Not Family Planning'

Politics | Benny Johnson
"Abortion is not family planning."

Abortion In The Holy Land

op-ed | Myles Kantor
Since statehood in 1948, at a conservative estimate there have been over 1.5 million abortions in Israel

Dem Governor Rejects Pro-Life Bill In Minnesota

Politics | Audrey Conklin
'An attempt to stifle women's access to abortions'

Abortion Doctor Pleads Guilty To Criminally Negligent Homicide

Health | David Krayden
‘It’s about greed and arrogance.’

Iowa Just Banned Abortions For Any Baby With A Heartbeat

Politics | Benny Johnson

Planned Parenthood Sues The Trump Administration For Recent Title X Funding Changes

Health | Audrey Conklin
'The hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood knows no bounds'

Cecile Richards Discusses Meeting With Ivanka And Jared About Abortion Services

Media | Julia Nista
'Ivanka had reached out and wanted to talk about Planned Parenthood...'

Cecile Richards Blows Off WHCD Abortion Jokes: 'She's A Comedian - That Was Her Job'

Media | Julia Nista

Music Superstar Says She 'Kinda Sorta' Considered An Abortion

Entertainment | Jena Greene

FACT: Abortion Is Fundamentally ANTI-Feminist

op-ed | Robert Crosby
If women are now responsible and equal actors in society, why the need for abortion at all?

Nebraska Lawmakers Just Passed A Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

US | Audrey Conklin
'The bill was approved 38–6'

Jezebel Writer Says 2 Disney Princesses Had Abortions. Here's How Many Voted For Trump, Want A Wall And Had Guns

US | Jena Greene
Let's break it down a little more

If Babies Can Feel The Warmth Of A Towel Then They Can Feel Pain At Twenty Weeks

op-ed | Reagan Barklage
The irony of this is not lost

Trump Just Kept One Of Hillary Clinton's Biggest Campaign Promises

Politics | Peter Hasson
Trump keeps Clinton's campaign promise -- but not his own

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