andrew wheeler

New Acting EPA Head Makes Nice With Legacy Media And Agency Insiders

Energy | Chris White
'The EPA let me inside the HQ'

Andrew Wheeler Addresses The EPA, Dings The Media

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'You've probably only been reading flattering things about me in the press'

The White House Is Reviewing EPA Proposal To Repeal Obama's CO2 Regulations

Energy | Michael Bastasch
One step closer to full repeal

Millions Wasted Forcing Bunnies And Rats To Eat Lard And Breathe Truck Fumes

Opinion | Anthony Bellotti
'The EPA’s animal tests are as dumb as they sound'

Who Is Acting EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler?

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'you'd better believe we've got our eye on him'

Pruitt May Be Gone, But Trump Is Still Poised To Repeal Dozens Of Environmental Regulations

Energy | Chris White
His replacement is charting a similar course

Pruitt Has Been Gone For Less Than A Day And His Replacement Is Already Getting Attacked

Energy | Tim Pearce
Wasted no time

With Pruitt's Downfall, Sen. Jim Inhofe's Former Staffers Are Ascendant At EPA

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Andrew worked for me for 14 years'

Environmentalists Celebrate The Resignation Of Scott Pruitt

Energy | Jason Hopkins
These guys hated Pruitt with a passion

Pruitt Hasn't Resigned And Activists Are Already Looking For Dirt On His Potential Replacements

Energy | Tim Pearce
'We're planning for a post-Pruitt world'

Ex-Trump Official Goes To Bat For Coal Lobbyist-Turned EPA Deputy Nominee

Energy | Chris White
'He is level-headed'

Senate Moves Closer Toward Confirming Coal Lobbyist As Pruitt's Deputy Head

Energy | Chris White
'Circumstances have changed'

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