House Dem's Anti-Vax Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

Politics | Peter Hasson
'War on vaccines'

Agitators Of Outrage Have Lazily Misconstrued A Duke Professor's Comment On Conservatives And Autism

op-ed | Art Carden and Michael Munger
The cause of academic freedom is poorly served when an off-the-cuff remark is misinterpreted

Duke Prof: Conservatives Vote The Way They Do Because They're Probably Autistic

Education | Rob Shimshock
'People who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others'

FACT CHECK: Did Egyptian Scientists Find That Vaccines Cause Autism?

Health | David Sivak
'Vaccine Holocaust'

University Pulls Study Linking Vaccines To Autism

Health | David Krayden
‘We don't know why, we don't know how ... but there was a screw-up’

Tim Tebow Hits Homer After Embrace With Autistic Boy

Sports | Hannah Simmons

Brooklyn Hipsters And Anti-Vaxxers Are Preventing Their Pets From Getting Inoculations And Vaccines

US | Ian Miles Cheong
Autistic dogs? Hipsters in Brooklyn are withholding pets from receiving life-saving inoculations.

Those Nutty Anti-Semites Are Still Messing With Shia LaBeouf's Latest Art Project

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Move Over, Julia! Sesame Street's "First Autistic Muppet" Was Bert

Opinion | David Benkof
Are labels really necessary to teach kids to accept differences?

Trump Meets With Vaccine Skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr.

Politics | Chuck Ross
Both have embraced debunked autism theory

Worst Teacher's Union Ever Tries To Prevent 10-Year-Old With Chronic Lung Disease From Using Faculty Bathroom

Education | Eric Owens
'They wanted to keep her stroller in a corner and use it to take her outside and upstairs'

My Vaccinated Son Developed Autism But I'm Still Pro-Vax

Opinion | Erin Rovak Henderschedt
A more conservative timetable may allay the fears of anti-vaxxers

Hillary Wanted To Investigate Link Between Autism And Vaccinations

US | Chuck Ross
'Not every vaccine is created equal, and not every disease type is as great a public-health threat as others'

Autism Linked To Pesticide Exposure In New Study

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Finds women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy more likely to have autistic child

Autistic kid suspended indefinitely for this terrifying CARTOON of a bomb

Education | Eric Owens
'It's a bomb. A picture bomb'

Students with autism likely candidates for STEM degrees

Education | Nicole Lafond
STEM degrees actively sought by U.S. business and policy leaders

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