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The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: The Border (Faux) Outrage Continues

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Dem's solution is to make it illegal to arrest illegals within 100 miles of the border

Trump Rips Schumer, 'Fake News' Over Criticism Of North Korea Meeting

Politics | Will Racke
'That’s all they have to disparage!'

Schumer Botches Punchline On The Senate Floor, Disappoints Texas

| Virginia Kruta
He delivered the insult backward

Schumer Calls Out Trump In Front Of Senate For NK Summit

Politics | Julia Nista
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer went after President Trump after his diplomatic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the Senate floor Tuesday. 

Poll: Health Care Is Now The Top Issue For Midterm Voters

Politics | Julia Cohen
Health care was more important to Democrats than Republicans

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Schumer Will Push Health Care Yet Again In August Recess

Politics | Julia Cohen

Legal Vaping Age Hiked To 21 As New York County Restricts Access To Alternative Technologies

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
'Could slow the rate at which people shift away from conventional cigarettes'

Schumer Squirms Out Of Question About Clintons As The Face Of The Democrats

Politics | Mike Brest
'Are Bill and Hillary Clinton still helpful?'

Republicans Have Repeatedly Failed To Pass Immigration Reform -- Here's What's Going On Behind The Scenes

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Democrats want DACA fixed and the Goodlatte bill fixes DACA'

Voters Were Asked Who Leads The Democratic Party And Their Answers Were Awkward For Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer

Politics | Peter Hasson
'There isn't one'

Trump Drops A Massive Bomb On Chuck Schumer's 'Tool,' Calls Nancy Pelosi 'MS-13 Lover'

Politics | Benny Johnson
'Crooked Hillary'

Schumer: 'The President And His Associates Have ... Lied'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Lied about every single one'

Gowdy Issues Warning To Dems Wanting In On Meeting With Trump

Politics | Julia Nista
'Don't leak like a sieve'

Lisa Murkowski Unloads On Democrats Attacking Trump For High Gas Prices

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'You’ll be left at the mercy of countries that don’t like us'

Schumer Takes Out The Knife: Trump Pressuring DOJ Is An 'Unprecedented Abuse Of Power'

Politics | Robert Donachie
He's getting the AG and FBI involved

'The Last One We Would Call On To Make A Deal' -- Sarah Sanders BLASTS Chuck Schumer Into Orbit

Politics | Justin Caruso

Chuck Schumer Blasts Trump For 'Autocratic Behavior We'd Expect In A Banana Republic'

Politics | Justin Caruso
Okay Chuck.

Schumer: Conservative Media Manufactured 'Parade Of Conspiracies' On Mueller

Media | Julia Nista
'We should all be aghast'

Schumer Attacks Vape Company Disrupting Big Tobacco's Cigarette Trade

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
'Decided this is a bandwagon he and others should jump on'

There Is One Word For Why Senate Democrats Voted To Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules When It Won't Pass House, President. Voters

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Today's vote was driven by political double-speak designed to win mid-term election votes'

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