Stuart Varney Accuses Mainstream Media Of Ignoring Booming Economy To Spite GOP

Politics | Nick Givas
'They are determined not to give him one ounce of success'

New GOP Immigration Bill Would Prevent Separation Of Families At Border

Politics | Will Racke
Compromise taking shape

Trump To Attend Congressional Baseball Game On Anniversary Of Shooting, Says Coach

Politics | Katie Jerkovich
'I was over at the Oval Office'

Sen. Corker Rips On His Own Party, Says They Are 'Cultish' Around Trump

Politics | Julia Nista
'A cult-like situation'

GOP Congressional Candidate: 'Diversity Is A Bunch Of Crap'

Politics | Mike Brest
'It's been an excuse by Democrats'

Adam Laxalt Wins GOP Primary For Nevada Governor In Landslide Victory

Politics | Henry Rodgers
His landslide follows an endorsement from Trump

The Future Is Female — And It May Also Be Republican

Politics | Virginia Kruta
The Democrats' nightmare.

Big GOP Donor Heats Up Amnesty Fight

Politics | Robert Donachie
Will it work?

Here's What Happened When A GOP Candidate Challenged A Transgender Man Who Used The Ladies' Room

US | Grace Carr
'Only in California'

What Blue Wave? Trump Rides The Current Of Increasing GOP Turnout

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Why wouldn’t we win?'

Heller Thinks Senate GOP Can Repeal Obamacare, Gain Three Seats

Politics | Robert Donachie
'I think at the end of the day, we end up with 53, 54 seats'

Esty's Seat May Be Won By Republican, Lone Survivor Of Connecticut's Most Infamous Triple Homicide

Politics | Nick Givas
GOP looks to flip solid blue seat

GOP Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidate: 'If Someone Kills One Of Our Children, We Will Kill Them.'

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Death penalty on day one'

Claudia Tenney: Dems Are The Real Mass Shooters

| Henry Rodgers
'Media doesn't talk about that'

Kansas GOP Votes Against Validating Transgender Identity

US | Grace Carr
'We are motivated by love'

Poll: Most Republicans Think America Is On The Right Path

Politics | John Wellington
The number of satisfied Republicans keeps growing

The Democratic Party Has Reached An UNREAL Level Of Support For Illegal Immigration

op-ed | Ira Mehlman
No more lip service to enforcement and the national interest.

Newt Gingrich Shares His Jedi Master Playbook With GOP On How To Destroy Dems In November

Politics | Nick Givas
'I would say to every candidate: study Trump. Trump is one of the greatest articulators I have ever seen'

Stephen King Calls GOP Train Crash 'Karma' And People Let Him Have It

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

The First GOP Members Off The Train After The Crash Were Doctors Demanding To Help The Injured

Politics | Benny Johnson
'They were the first ones rendering assistance...'

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