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Rand Paul: Russia Is Always Going To Meddle In Our Elections, Just Like We're Going To Meddle In Theirs

US | Thomas Phippen
'They are going to interfere in our elections, we also do the same'

Sarah Sanders Uses One Brutal Tweet To Slam Jake Tapper AND Jim Acosta After Bolton Interview Cancellation

Media | Scott Morefield
Talk about efficient!

'Asleep At The Switch' -- CNN's Tapper Lights Up Obama Administration On Russian Hacking

Media | Scott Morefield

Ana Navarro Gets Reminded On-Air That She Immigrated To The US Legally

US | Virginia Kruta
'I can answer this'

Surprise! Keith Ellison Decries Bigotry Of Travel Ban - CNN's Tapper STUNS Ellison By Flipping The Script

Politics | Amber Athey
'It's not fair!'

CONFUSION: Bernie Sanders Mixes Up Trump And Obama Over Immigration

Media | Justin Caruso

Rudy: Recent Pardons Not A Signal To Embattled Trump Aides

Politics | Kevin Daley
'It's certainly not intended that way'

John Harwood IG Gloat Cut Short By Fact Check From CNN's Jake Tapper And Laura Jarrett

| Virginia Kruta
'Here's the problem...'

CNN's Jake Tapper Slams President Clinton For #MeToo Remarks

Politics | Mike Brest
'The worst answer he could give...'

What We Mean By Media Bias -- It's Truly This Subtle

Editorial | Derek Hunter
North Korea wants back in, and CNN spins like a top. Plus, the dumbest person of the week

Rep. Matt Gaetz Drops Lava Bombs On CNN's Jake Tapper Over Alleged FISA Abuses

Politics | Amber Athey

Sanders: Trump's Immigration Policy Is 'Heartless'

Politics | Mike Brest

Former CIA Counterterror Official 'Pissed Off' At Dems Questioning Interrogation Techniques

Politics | Derek Hunter
Says Democratic senators was fully briefed on techniques at the time and were either 'silent or supportive'

'You’re Kind Of Getting Off Easy' -- Meghan McCain Thinks Trump Could Go Harder On Jake Tapper

Media | Justin Caruso
'It’s a tough time for the media'

'CNN Has Invested A Lot In This Story' -- Kellyanne Calls Out CNN For Breathless Coverage Of Stormy Case

Media | Amber Athey

Kasich: 'The Republican Party Left Me'

Politics | Chris White
'Republican Party left me'

James Clapper Discussed Dossier With CNN, According To House Intel Report

Investigative Group | Chuck Ross
'I also explained ...'

Jake Tapper Slaps Trump With Throwback Tweets On How To Handle Syria

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'I wonder...'

Obama Comms Director Responds to Trump's Attack on 'Cheatin' Barry

Politics | Kyle Becker
The former Obama official sees possible racism in a Trump tweet.

WHCA Rewards CNN For Being The Go-To Outlet Of Leakers

Media | Joe Simonson
For the network's coverage of the dossier story

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