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BREAKING -- Comey Under Investigation For Handling Of Classified Information

Politics | Justin Caruso

Grassley Blasts Comey For Skipping Yet Another Senate Hearing

Politics | Chuck Ross
'He has time for book tours and television interviews'

Whoopi Slams Comey For Doing The Same Thing Hillary Did — Lets Hillary Slide

US | Virginia Kruta
'But my emails'

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Says IG Report Vindicates Trump's Decision To Fire Comey

Politics | Nick Givas
'All those are a good reason to fire James Comey'

OPINION: James Comey Was The Last Honorable Man In Washington And Now He's Gone

Opinion | Andrew Shirley
The former FBI director has become the Schrodinger's cat of Washington's consultant class

Morning Joe Calls Comey Critics 'Clowns' For Believing He Showed Pro Clinton Bias

Politics | Nick Givas
'How they can do that with a straight face defies logic'

Hugh Hewitt: Trump's Victory Would Have Been Even Bigger If Voters Knew About FBI Bias

Politics | Mike Brest
'The report is that damning'

IG Report: Comey Claimed DOJ Prosecutors Were Intimidated By 'High-Powered' Clinton Lawyers

Politics | Kerry Picket
'It maybe was more complicated, time-consuming, and cumbersome'

Comey Forgot Abedin and Weiner Were Married

Politics | Mike Brest
'I don't know that I knew'

Comey Would Have Taken McCabe Off Clinton Investigation Over Cash To His Wife

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
McCabe 'was not happy about it,' 'very intense'

Comey Rebuts IG Report, Admits No Mistakes In Clinton, Russia Probes

Politics | Kevin Daley
'I do not agree with all of the inspector general’s conclusions'

IG Report: James Comey Used A Personal Email Account To Conduct Official FBI Business

Politics | Amber Athey
Sound familiar?

'Requires Termination': Sessions Says More Firings Possible Following DOJ Report

Politics | Chuck Ross
Defends firing of James Comey

'One Standard Of Justice For All' -- Alan Dershowitz Slams DOJ For Partisan Investigations

Media | Dominic Mancini
'Let's not turn disagreements into crimes'

Why It's Harder For FBI Employees To Blow The Whistle On Bad Behavior

US | Kerry Picket
Hint: It's Congress's fault

DOJ Watchdog Sets Release Date For Clinton Email Report

Politics | Chuck Ross
Report expected to criticize Comey, McCabe, Lynch

Lindsey Graham Hopeful About Inspector General Report: Clinton Email Probe Was A 'Sham'

Politics | Dominic Mancini

Judge Napolitano Thinks IG Report May Have Been Scrubbed To Remove Damaging Information

Politics | Nick Givas
'This might not be a truthful document'

Senate Republicans Propose Bill To Tackle Alleged DOJ Misconduct

Politics | Kerry Picket
'Misconduct by DOJ attorneys is a serious matter'

House Democrats Asked The White House Counsel If Trump Could Shoot The FBI Director

Politics | Julia Cohen
The letter questioned the president's legal immunity to prosecution

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