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Jordan Shares Truth On Being Next Speaker Of The House, Wants To Be 'Part Of The Discussion'

US | Julia Nista
Maybe an announcement?

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Lobbies For Law To Protect Journalists From The Government

Politics | Nick Givas
'We've seen so many encroachments on our liberties'

'Are You Kidding Me?!' – Jim Jordan Double Dunks Jeff Sessions Into A Cold Glass Of Milk

US | Amber Athey

MSNBC Host Implies Jim Jordan Isn't 'Christian' If He Doesn't Support Liberal Immigration Policies

Media | Dominic Mancini

Republicans Have Repeatedly Failed To Pass Immigration Reform -- Here's What's Going On Behind The Scenes

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Democrats want DACA fixed and the Goodlatte bill fixes DACA'

Hannity Drops A Big Endorsement

Media | Amber Athey
'I just endorsed him'

CNN's Chris Cuomo And Jim Jordan Throw Down Over Russia Collusion Claims

Politics | Nick Givas
'That's proving my point. There is no collusion'

More Than 100 Conservatives Call For Jordan To Run For Speaker

Politics | Robert Donachie
Is it happening?

Did Jim Jordan Just Preview His Bid For Speaker?

Politics | Robert Donachie
'What did you tell the American people you were going to do?'

Why The HFC Killed The Farm Bill

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Congress has to get serious about dealing with the immigration issue'

Jordan Slams Possibility Of FBI Spy In Trump Campaign: 'That's As Wrong As It Gets'

Politics | Julia Nista
'One administration shouldn't have spies on the other party's candidate'

The Justice Department Won't Release Certain Documents, So These Congressmen Went Straight To Trump

Politics | Robert Donachie
Will Trump come through?

Paul Ryan Stands In The Face Of The 2018 Blue Wave And Breaks Down How Republicans Can Surf To Victory With Trump

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Nobody is talking about Stormy Daniels'

Jim Jordan Roasts James Comey For His Elitist Double Standard

Politics | Nick Givas
'Fix was in on the Clinton investigation'

Is Jim Jordan Auditioning For A New Job?

Politics | Nick Givas
'Let's do what we told the American people'

Andrew McCabe Admonished FBI Officials For His Own Leaks

US | Chuck Ross
'Crafty plan'

Jim Jordan Addresses The Rumors That He'll Run For Speaker Of The House

Politics | Robert Donachie
'My colleagues have urged me to consider it'

Massive Groundswell For Jordan To Take Over As Speaker

Politics | Robert Donachie
'It's time to start delivering on what we told the American people we would do'

Jim Jordan: It's Time To Debate The Use Of Military Force In Syria

Politics | Nick Givas
'This is as evil and as wrong as it gets and deserves some kind of response'

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jordan Says Sessions, Rosenstein 'Need To Be Held Accountable'

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein aren't willing to do what everyone knows needs to be done.'

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