mika brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski Calls Trump Administration 'Too Stupid Or Smart' To Challenge The President

Politics | Nick Givas
'We need more people to step up'

MSNBC's Mika: Nielsen Eating At A Mexican Restaurant Was 'Tone-Deaf'

Politics | Mike Brest

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Slams DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen For Defending Immigration Policy

Politics | Nick Givas
'It’s inhumane'

Mika Brzezinski Absolves Democrats Of Immigration Crisis, Calls Trump Policies 'Blatantly Cruel' [VIDEO]

Politics | Nick Givas
'They’re being held against their will'

Mika Brzezinski: Americans Are 'Empty And Helpless' – Trump's Job Numbers Say Otherwise

Politics | Dominic Mancini
Our pockets certainly aren't empty

Mika Compares Trump To Fred Flintstone, Tweets To 'Writing Things On Stone'

Politics | Mike Brest
'Almost caveman-like'

Mika Says Trump's Upset He Can't Watch Porn In The White House

Politics | Mike Brest
'Donald Trump’s biggest complaint'

Morning Joe and Mika Go Nuclear On Trump About Facelift Comments

Politics | Mike Brest

Morning Joe Still Bitter Over Trump's Comments About Mika's Facelift

Politics | Mike Brest

Mika Brzezinski Calls Giuliani 'Morally Unhinged'

Politics | Mike Brest
'I thought he had some great moments in his career as an American'

Rachel Maddow, Mika Brzezinski, Other Female Journalists Circle The Wagons For Tom Brokaw

Media | Scott Morefield
'Add me to the list.'

'Morning Joe' Mika Bashes Paul Ryan For Leaving Office To Spend Time With Family

Politics | Nick Givas
'Incapable of standing up for what is right'

'Fire And Fury' Has A New Enemy. So Where Is Michael Wolff?

Media | Betsy Rothstein
'Setting the record straight'

Morning Joe's Mika Tries To Turn Facelift Burn Around On Trump

Politics | Nick Givas
'He tweets about me bleeding badly from face lifts'

Morning Joe! - While You Were Sleeping, Mika Speculated On Whether Trump Can Read Or Not

Media | Justin Caruso

MSNBC's Mika Mocks Melania's WH Role, Calls It An 'Insult To Women'

Politics | Nick Givas
'These women have been given fake jobs'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Thinks Dems Are Addicted To Identity Politics And Are Their 'Own Worst Enemy'

Politics | Nick Givas
'You're suddenly called a racist or you're attacked and you're shunned from the party'

MSNBC's Joe And Mika Try To Taunt President Trump With Some Awkward Results

Politics | Nick Givas
'If I were the president I would be insulted'

Joe Scarborough Just Took His War On The NRA To An Insane New Level

Politics | Peter Hasson
Joe comes out as pro-censorship

Joe's 'Favorite' Photo Of Mika Is Really, Really, REALLY Creepy -- That Didn't Stop Him From Tweeting It Out

US | Christian Datoc
My eyes!!!!

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