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White House Destroys Morning Joe Over Holocaust Comparison

Politics | Mike Brest
'This is the type of inflammatory and unacceptable rhetoric'

Joe Scarborough Compares Processing Of Illegal Immigrants To Nazis Murdering Jews

Politics | Nick Givas
'They're being marched away to showers ... just like the Nazis'

'Morning Joe': Comey Is The Reason Trump Is President

Politics | Mike Brest
His voters? Pfff

Mika Brzezinski: Americans Are 'Empty And Helpless' – Trump's Job Numbers Say Otherwise

Politics | Dominic Mancini
Our pockets certainly aren't empty

'Morning Joe' Compares US Immigration Detention Facilities To Concentration Camps

Politics | Mike Brest
'Taken off to the showers'

Mika Compares Trump To Fred Flintstone, Tweets To 'Writing Things On Stone'

Politics | Mike Brest
'Almost caveman-like'

Morning Joe Guest In Denial Over Singapore Summit's Historical Nature

Politics | Dominic Mancini
Summit implications are 'very unclear'

Morning Joe Fires Back At De Niro For 'F*ck Trump' Comments

Politics | Mike Brest
'They are helping Donald Trump’s reelection'

MORNING MELTDOWN: Joe Scarborough Attacks Trump For Being 'Un-Christ-Like,' Mentions Bible Verses

Media | Justin Caruso
This is bizarre

Joe Scarborough Calls Rudy Giuliani A 'Runaway Beer Truck' Who Wants To Sabotage North Korean Peace Effort

Politics | Nick Givas
'Shooting his mouth off'

Morning Joe and Mika Go Nuclear On Trump About Facelift Comments

Politics | Mike Brest

Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thinks ‘Morning Joe’ Attacks On Giuliani Go Too Far

Politics | Mike Brest
A wild turn of events

'He's Been Caught' -- Today's Anti-Trump Sermon On 'Morning Joe' Is One For The Record Books

Media | Justin Caruso
'If you see something, say something'

'Morning Joe' Has Complete Meltdown, Lectures Viewers On How Stupid They Are

Media | Justin Caruso

Politico's Jake Sherman Makes Bold Prediction About Republicans' Chances In The Midterm Elections

Politics | Nick Givas
'With our experience in 2016, we don't want to predict'

Mika Brzezinski Calls Giuliani 'Morally Unhinged'

Politics | Mike Brest
'I thought he had some great moments in his career as an American'

Joe Scarborough Calls Mueller Probe "One Of The Most Successful Prosecutions' And Says There's More To Come

Politics | Nick Givas
'Bob Mueller is doing his work quietly'

'Morning Joe' Is Dead

op-ed | Alex Castellanos
Donald Trump was a hand grenade thrown under Washington's door

'Morning Joe' So Desperate To Tie Trump To Nixon That They're Dragging In Pence

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'But you've just got to start asking yourself...'

'Morning Joe' Ignores Hostage Release To Talk Baseball And Then Bashes Trump Anyway

Politics | Nick Givas
'Classic diplomatic mistake'

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