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CNN Analyst Brian Karem Refuses To Apologize For His Toddler-Like Meltdown At Sarah Sanders

Media | Amber Athey

White House Reporters Become Unglued Over Immigration Enforcement

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
Fact checking the 'truth seekers'

Joe Scarborough Compares Processing Of Illegal Immigrants To Nazis Murdering Jews

Politics | Nick Givas
'They're being marched away to showers ... just like the Nazis'

'Sarah Has Done A Fantastic Job' – Trump Defends Sarah Sanders With Glowing Praise

Politics | Justin Caruso
'Very talented person'

Watters: If A Reporter Acts Like A 'Wild Animal,' They Should Lose Their WH Press Pass

Media | Julia Nista
Lots of emotion here

Deputy White House Press Secretary Calls Out CBS Reporter Over 'Misleading' Resignation Claim

Politics | Julia Nista
'After telling me the story wouldn't run...'

'It's Hard For You To Understand Even Short Sentences' -- Sarah Sanders Lights Up CNN's Jim Acosta

Media | Amber Athey
'Please don't take my words out of context'

'Confirmed The President's Suspicions' -- White House Responds To IG Report On Clinton Investigation

Politics | Amber Athey
Their first statement...

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Another Bad Day For Journalism

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Rumors aren't facts, no matter how badly they want them to be

CBS Reported That Sarah Sanders Was Leaving The White House -- She Nukes Them Into Oblivion With One Tweet

Politics | Justin Caruso

Dennis Rodman Reveals That Sarah Sanders Called Him -- What She Said Was Pure Heart

Politics | Justin Caruso
Amazing message.

Sarah Sanders Broils CNN Producer, Serves Him Up Steaming Hot To The Fake News Gods

Media | Amber Athey

'The News Is Not An Opinion' -- CNN's Chris Cuomo Wasn't Expecting Sarah Sanders To Blowtorch His Entire Network

Media | Amber Athey
'I answer questions all day, every day'

‘Starting To Regret Sitting Here’ — Sarah Sanders Roasts CNN’s Chris Cuomo After He Questions Her Credibility

Media | Julia Nista
'I think it hurts your credibility'

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Trump Lives Rent-Free In Liberals' Heads

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Not only rent-free, he's building an addition. Plus, is the national anthem racist?

Sarah Sanders Is Completely Right -- People See Her As More Credible Than The Media

Politics | Justin Caruso
Poll results confirm.

John Roberts Nails Jeff Sessions With Hilarious Line, Sarah Sanders's Reaction Says It All

Media | John Wellington

CNN White House Producer Calls Out CNN Contributor For False Tweet

Politics | Benny Johnson
'This is not true'

April Ryan Literally Shouts Question About NFL Kneelers At Sarah - Sanders Is Having None Of It

Politics | Benny Johnson
"I would be happy to answer it if you stop talking long enough."

As Sarah Sanders Leaves Briefing Room, Reporter Shouts Possibly Dumbest Question Ever

Media | Amber Athey
This is why people hate the media

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