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Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Faces Scrutiny Over 'Tainted' Campaign Contributions

Politics | Andrew Kerr
'We don’t want tainted dollars'

Another Crazy Week For Trump v. Washington

Opinion | Ron Hart
If Trump is acting paranoid, as if everybody is against him, he is wrong. Only 90% are.

Media Says Democratic Party Is At Its 'Lowest Point'

Politics | Amber Randall
'Always trouble'

Dems Respond To Trump Speech: GOP Will 'Rip' Health Care From Americans

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise
'They aren't aliens from a distant planet'

Former Kentucky Gov. Delivers Dem Response To Trump: 'He Is Eroding Our Democracy' [Video]

Politics | Kerry Picket
'They aren't aliens from a distant planet. They're our friends and neighbors'

Separated At Birth: Democrat Response And Heaven's Gate Cult Leader

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
You won't be able to unsee this.

The Obama Administration's Chilling War On The Internet Reaches Into Kentucky

Opinion | Drew Johnson
If President Obama and Chairman Wheeler have their way, they will stifle our greatest outlet for freedom and innovation

Kentucky Has Been Held Up As A Model Obamacare State. Now Its Co-Op Is Trashed

US | Richard Pollock
Huge loss

Democrat County Clerk REFUSES Marriage Licenses For Same-Sex Couples

US | Emmakristina Sveen
'My conscience will not allow me'

VIDEO Proof That Alison Lundergan Grimes Voted For Obama

Politics | Alex Olson
There's no recovering from this

Lawsuit against EPA delayed until Obama unveils new climate plan

US | Michael Bastasch
Environmentalists and 10 states had planned suit

Another Dem breaks ranks with Obama administration on coal regulations

US | Michael Bastasch
Kentucky governor asks EPA to find another way

Beshear easily re-elected as Ky. governor

Politics | Associated Press

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