WATCH: Border Patrol Agent Goes Off On Getting Called A Nazi, Lays Down The Truth About What Really Goes On

Media | Julia Nista
'That is the most disgusting thing ... '

Tucker Destroys 'Propaganda' Surrounding Hype Over Trump Administration And Separating Families At Border

Politics | Julia Nista
'There was also a time when liberals supported nonviolence. No longer'

Obama's DHS Sec Goes Full Defense Mode On Claims Against Immigration Policies

Politics | Julia Nista
Between a rock and a hard place there, Jeh?

Storm Watch In The South: Stormy Daniels Plans To Visit The Border

US | Julia Nista
Better watch the weather down there...

Peace is the Only Prize Donald Trump Wants

Opinion | Tony Shaffer
Trump did in months what multiple presidents failed to achieve in decades

Sen. Warren Dodges Congressional Responsibility Question, Instead Says Trump Is 'Taking America To A Dark And Ugly Place'

Media | Julia Nista

CNN Contributor Goes Off The Rails, Blames America For Central America's Problems

Media | Julia Nista
That might not be how it works...

New Poll Shows Majority Republican Voters Support Separating Families To Deter Illegal Immigration

Politics | Julia Nista
Aggressive or nah

Graham Says Screw The Critics On Working With Trump – 'I Don't Give A Sh**'

US | Julia Nista
'I'm doing what's best for the country'

Trump Dunks On Obama's Legacy: 'When It's My Fault, I'll Tell You'

Politics | Julia Nista
'What he gave away, nobody even knows'

Trump Calls Out CNN Over North Korea Fake News In Front Of The White House

US | Julia Nista
In an interview in front of the White House with Fox and Friends Friday morning, President Trump called out CNN over their coverage of his summit in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Unfake The News: Media Ridiculously Spins Trump Meeting With Kim Jong Un

Editorial | Julia Nista
This is 'Unfake The News'

FBI Director Takes A Swipe At Trump, American People -- Says He's Only Worried About 'The People That Know Us'

US | Julia Nista
Selective acknowledgment

No Goodbye In Sight For The Head Of CNN -- Zucker To Stay Through 2020 Election

Media | Julia Nista
He's set for elections

Hannity Crushes CNN, MSNBC Combined In Views

Media | Julia Nista
Not even close

Sen. Corker Rips On His Own Party, Says They Are 'Cultish' Around Trump

Politics | Julia Nista
'A cult-like situation'

Rand Paul Goes After Lindsey Graham: He Is 'Dangerously Naive'

Politics | Julia Nista
'The wrong way to go'

Schumer Calls Out Trump In Front Of Senate For NK Summit

Politics | Julia Nista
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer went after President Trump after his diplomatic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the Senate floor Tuesday. 

Navarro Regrets Comments Saying 'There's A Special Place In Hell' For Trudeau

Politics | Julia Nista
'A mistake'

Sec. Mattis: 'All's Quiet' On The North Korean Front

Defense | Julia Nista
The military does not appear to be 'in a high state of readiness'

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