'Eco-fascism or green capitalism, neither is going to save us'

'Eco-fascism or green capitalism, neither is going to save us'

Van Jones Claims There's No Difference Between Hateful Nazi Rhetoric And Conservative Media

'It's the same message and it is wrong'

Antifa Protests This Weekend Were Rife With Attacks On Innocent Journalists, Police, And Bystanders

Antifa Punch Man During Facebook Live At 'Unite The Right' Rally And Chant Anti-American Slogans [VIDEO]

The man was punched in the face numerous times

Trump Supporter Paris Dennard Hits Back Against Accusations Of No Black People In The Trump Administration

'No one is peddling lies here'

Secret Service 'Aware' Of Antifa Threats To Murder Trump

'Murder the president'

Joe Scarborough Attacks Rudy Giuliani's Mental Health, Asks If He Has Dementia

'Is he purposefully lying?'

Celebrate Sarah Sanders’ Birthday By Watching Some Of Her Best Media Takedowns

Her best moments

Nancy Pelosi Has 'Single-Handedly Destroyed The Democrats' Brand,' Says Dan Bongino

'They don't stand for anything'

Kyle Kashuv Slams Broward County Sheriff For Appearing On School Safety Poster

'Nothing has been done to secure our schools'

Parent Of Jewish Pro-Trump Student Speaks Out About Teacher Bias After His Son Was Branded A Nazi

'There is systemic bias in the schools'

Democratic Socialist Congressional Candidate: 'Abolishing ICE Protects My Families'

Five Times The Establishment Media Excused Antifa Violence

'Look, non-violence hasn't worked'

Michigan Sen. Candidate John James Stands Unapologetically By Trump: 'Our President's Policies Don't Have A Race'

'Too many people have died for me to have the right to think independently'

See What Happens When This Ordinary Traffic Stop Goes Horribly Wrong

This escalates fast

Nancy Pelosi Calls Mitch McConnell Racist For Opposing Obama, But Supports Stonewalling Trump

'That is unthinkable'

Reporter Vs. Professional Female Shooters

Nancy Pelosi Explains What The Dems Stand For Other Than Stopping Trump

Nancy Pelosi Claims NBC Is Behind Efforts To Keep Her From The Gavel

'I know NBC has been on a jag'

Omarosa Recorded John Kelly In The Situation Room

RNC Trolls Ocasio-Cortez With Supercut Of Most Absurd Statements, Clip Of Billy Madison

'What you've just said... Is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard'

Fox News Asks Dem Rep If He Will Vote For Pelosi As Speaker — His Answer Isn't What You'd Expect

'Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House..?'

Watch Your Step In San Francisco — City Officials Receive Dozens Of Human Feces Calls Per Day

Nearly 2,000 calls

Schumer Praises Abortion: 'Fabric Of American Life'

CNN's John Berman Delivers Bad News To GOP After Its 'Too Close For Comfort' Win

'Flashing, glaring, major warning sign for the midterm elections'

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