Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Doubles Down On Republican Red Wave This November

Politics | Nick Givas
'There Can't Be A Blue Wave ... If We're Winning Minnesota'

Suspect Arrested In Shooting Death Of Rap Superstar

Entertainment | Jena Greene
Being held without bail...

'What In The World Are They Talking About?!' -- MSNBC Anchor Shows Her Obvious Disdain For Trump Supporters

US | Amber Athey
'It's obscene'

This NBA Prospect Has Some Weird Conspiracy Theories. One Involves Hitler

| William Boyd
How did he come up with these?

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul Makes The Case For His Immigration Bill: 'A Permanent Fix'

Politics | Nick Givas
'Close the legal loopholes'

Muslim Rapper With 'Jihad' And 'September 11th' Albums To Perform At Bataclan

World | Anders Hagstrom
'Crucifying secularists'

Pro-Life Group Calls Out Doctors For Covering Up Sex Abuse

US | Grace Carr
'Cares more about profits than they do about their patients'

LA Mayor's Obsession With Going Green Turned Into A Nightmare For Citizens

Energy | Chris White
An expensive flop

The Mayor Of New York City Doesn't Know How Many Undocumented Children Are Being Sent There

US | Julia Cohen
'Who are these children?'

Justin Bieber's Ex-Girlfriend Just Got Scooped Up By This NBA Star

Entertainment | Jena Greene
They were spotted at a swanky theater

Trump Is Overhauling 'Arbitrary And Burdensome' Environmental Regs To Fix US Infrastructure

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Doing little to actually improve environmental outcomes'

Learn How To Revitalize Your Business's Email Marketing Platform

Daily Dealer | The Daily Caller Shop
This MailChimp course is on sale for just $10

Trump: 200 Remains Back From North Korea, Media's Coverage 'Almost Treasonous'

Politics | Saagar Enjeti

Trump: 'Nancy Pelosi's Dream' Is Open Borders

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'It won’t happen!'

Reality Star And Former Miss Great Britain Found Dead At 32

Entertainment | Jena Greene
Fans are shocked

A Standing Desk Will Drastically Improve Your Productivity And Relieve Back Pain

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Several options are over 50 percent off today

12-Year-Old 'House Of Horrors' Child Could Only Recite Half The Alphabet

US | Gabrielle Okun
'First grade'

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Gifted $2 Million For Transgender Patient Care

US | Grace Carr
'Pivotal in uplifting a community'

This Lame Duck GOP Senator's Excuse For Blocking Trump Judges Will Set Your Hair On Fire

Politics | Kevin Daley
No really, you'll be absolutely shocked

Judge Napolitano Says Illegal Immigrant Detention Centers Were Bad Under Obama But The Media Ignored It

Politics | Nick Givas
'I don’t remember that news story'

BREAKING: Derek Hunter Reveals How The Left Has Taken Over America's Institutions

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
His new book, Outrage, Inc. was released on Tuesday

Facebook Is Intensifying Its Fight Against Fake News With Machine Learning. This Has Backfired Before

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Centralized trust algorithm'

America's Immigration Problems Won't Be Solved As House Conservatives Refuse To Concede

Politics | Robert Donachie
'The goal is to avert the discharge petition'

College Football Coach Rips Sports Reporter After Criticism. Sounds Just Like Trump

Sports | David Hookstead

Supreme Court Clears Way For State Sales Taxes On Internet Commerce

Politics | Kevin Daley
Cool cool

MSNBC's Mika Attacks Ivanka For Not Standing Up For Separated Families

Politics | Mike Brest
'No one is going to ever respect her again'

Pending Immigration Cases Reach All-Time High

Politics | Molly Prince
As did the length of time for each case

VA Hospital Stops Investigation Against Whistle-Blower

US | Michael Volpe
Was this investigation a form of retaliation?

Spying On Reporters: A Historical Perspective

Opinion | Charles J. Glasser, Jr., Esq.
It's certainly nothing new, and its roots go back much further than you think

US Virgin Islands Are Not Prepared For Hurricane Season Despite Billions In Federal Assistance

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Mismanagement by local government officials'

President Trump Ended Family Separations At The Border -- Surprise! The Media And Democrats Still Aren't Satisfied

Media | Amber Athey and John Wellington
'They will continue to be separated from their children'

Israeli PM's Wife Accused Of Stealing State Money For Prepared Meals

World | Evie Fordham
'Systematic fraud'

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Lobbies For Law To Protect Journalists From The Government

Politics | Nick Givas
'We've seen so many encroachments on our liberties'

Projected First Overall NBA Draft Pick Gives Weird Answer About What Success Means

Sports | David Hookstead
Do you agree with him?

Illegals Suing Trump Administration Over ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policy

Politics | David Krayden
Despite President Donald Trump’s retreat on the policy

Socialist Activist Who Harassed Homeland Security Secretary Works For The Department Of Justice

Politics | Joe Simonson
Working for the Trump administration to own ... Trump?

Kremlin: Bolton To Visit Russia For Talks On Possible Trump-Putin Meeting

Defense | Will Racke
'Such a trip will actually take place'

Trump Goes After NY Times For Getting Attendance Numbers Of Last Rally Wrong

Politics | Mike Brest
'It's fake news, I'm telling you. So fake'

Peter Fonda Apologizes For Saying Barron Trump Should Be Kidnapped, Caged With Pedophiles

Politics | Benny Johnson
'Highly inappropriate and vulgar'

It's Official! Pete Davidson Confirms Engagement To Ariana Grande

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'I feel like I won a contest'


If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, It Will Ask For Open Borders

'It's called moving the goalposts'

Conservative Women Explain What's Wrong With Liberal Narrative

Bigoted, victims of the patriarchy, brainwashed

GOP Rep Steve Scalise Shares How He Made It Back To Congress With 'Fox & Friends'

'One of the most special days of my life'

Obama's DHS Sec Goes Full Defense Mode On Claims Against Immigration Policies

Between a rock and a hard place there, Jeh?

Stuart Varney Defends Trump's Chinese Tariffs: 'It's An Ongoing Negotiation'

'We’re still waiting'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Doubles Down On Republican Red Wave This November

'There Can't Be A Blue Wave ... If We're Winning Minnesota'

Abortion Activists And University Staff Wash Away 'Provocative' Pro-Life Messages

'University should strongly condemn this vandalism'

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul Makes The Case For His Immigration Bill: 'A Permanent Fix'

'Close the legal loopholes'

Mika Brzezinski Says She And Joe Scarborough Are Ready To Foster An Illegal Immigrant Child

'We want to foster one of these children as they wait. Wherever they are'

Judge Napolitano Says Illegal Immigrant Detention Centers Were Bad Under Obama But The Media Ignored It

'I don’t remember that news story'

Trump Mentions '1.8 Billion' And 'Obama' In The Same Sentence -- Crowd Goes WILD

That's gotta hurt

How Convenient! The Liberal Media Ignore Bombshells In IG FBI Report Hearing

It lasted several hours

A Reporter Goes Head-To-Head With A Marine In Martial Arts -- Gets Absolutely Obliterated

I mean ... what would you expect?

Trump Talks VA Reforms: 'Get Out Of Here, You're Fired'

Trump tells a crowd about how he reformed the troubled VA

GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte Says Legislative Fix Needed To Prevent illegal Immigrants From Working The System

'It has to be addressed legislatively'

Judge Napolitano Says FBI's Bias Scandal Might Be Bigger Than Watergate

'The more we learn, it may get bigger'

NRA Sued For One Second Clip Of Bean Statue

'Appropriated by the NRA to perpetuate its hateful ideology'

Jordan Peterson Urges Canadian Christians To Defend Their Rights After Supreme Court Tramples Them

'Better stand up for yourself'

Democrat Kamala Harris Is Spreading LIES About Trump's Abortion Policy

Abortion lobby isn't happy!

Nigel Farage Tells Trump To Ignore The Screams Of 'Liberal Media' On Immigration

'Trump has got to stay tough'

'I Don't Think Their Wife And Husband Are Too Happy' -- Trump Napalms Biased FBI Agents Strzok And Page

'Phony witch hunt'

Volvo To Open First Plant In US, Anticipates To Bring 4,000 Jobs With It

'We have a strategy to build where we sell'

Fiery Debate Alert: Is 'Red Dawn' The Best Action Movie Of All Time? [WATCH]

What do you think?

Trump Calls Out The 'Fake News' -- The Crowd Breaks Out In Chants Of 'CNN SUCKS!'


Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Predicts 'People In Handcuffs' For FISA Abuses

'Been in motion for 8 or 9 months'

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