US Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Was A 32-Year-Old Army Ranger

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'Chris was a national treasure'

Macron Denies Reports That Trump Threatened To Pull Out Of NATO

Defense | Will Racke
'Never at any moment'

Time For A 'Strategic Reassessment' Of NATO? A Military Expert Explains Why Trump Is Right To Question The Alliance

Defense | Will Racke
5 questions with Lt. Col. Daniel Davis of Defense Priorities

NATO Chief Thanks Trump For Pushing Allies To Boost Defense Spending

Defense | Will Racke
'It is clearly having an impact'

Europeans Like The Idea Of America Defending NATO Allies, But Not So Much The Other Way Around

Defense | Will Racke
Mutual defense?

US Service Member Killed In 'Apparent Insider Attack' In Afghanistan: Resolute Support

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Two others were wounded in the attack

'Army Discharging Immigrants' Story May Not Be The Outrage It's Cracked Up To Be

Defense | Virginia Kruta
There's a lot of information missing

From Warrior To Scholar: Former Trump Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Heads To Stanford

Defense | Will Racke
Research and teaching roles

Afghan Civilians Killed In Taliban Suicide Attack On US Military Convoy

Defense | Will Racke
No American troops hurt

WATCH: Reporters Take On F-35 Fighter Jet Simulation

Defense | Hanna Bogorowski
The world's most advanced aircraft

Benghazi Attack Plotter Receives 22-Year Prison Sentence

Defense | Will Racke
'Sends a message to the men and women on the front lines'

NSA Contractor Reality Winner Pleads Guilty In Leak Case

Defense | Will Racke
Possible five-year prison term

Navy Identifies Pilot Killed In Latest Military Aviation Accident

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Around 30 US service members have died in non-combat aviation accidents

Another Downed Aircraft -- Manned Aircraft Crashes At Air Force Base

Defense | Hanna Bogorowski
'The condition of the pilot is unknown'

Kremlin: Bolton To Visit Russia For Talks On Possible Trump-Putin Meeting

Defense | Will Racke
'Such a trip will actually take place'

Marine Shot Near Commandant's House Is In Stable Condition

Defense | Dominic Mancini

America's Counter-Drug Efforts In Afghanistan Have Failed Completely, Watchdog Says

Defense | Will Racke
More opium than ever

Norway To Ask For Larger US Marine Presence On Russia's Doorstep

Defense | Joseph Lafave
Up to 700 Marines may be in Norway in 2019

Sec. Mattis: 'All's Quiet' On The North Korean Front

Defense | Julia Nista
The military does not appear to be 'in a high state of readiness'

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