California Utility That Tried Blaming Deadly Wildfires On Climate Change Might Go Bankrupt

Energy | Jason Hopkins
It was a bold strategy

Pruitt Sent Only One Email While Obama's EPA Deleted Thousands Of Records

Energy | Chris White
'Misplaced' 5,000 text messages

Federal Scientists Blame Trump For An Obama-Era Policy On Talking To The Media

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Completely false'

30 Years Of Data Show The 'Godfather' Global Warming Was Wrong

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The list of what didn’t happen is long and tedious'

The World's Largest Solar Companies Keep Failing

Energy | Tim Pearce
Just can't stay afloat

Europe's Heavy Reliance On Wind Energy Is Coming Back To Bite Them

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Europe still needs conventional power plants'

SCOOP: Congress Demands EPA Investigate Potential Collusion With Lobbyists To Thwart Trump's Agenda

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Investigate this potential violation'

OPEC Reached A Major Agreement On Global Oil Production

Energy | Jason Hopkins
A relief to car drivers everywhere

Trump Is Reorganizing The Federal Government And His Interior Secretary Is Loving It

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Greatly improve services to the American people'

Republican Governor Saves Millions With Net Metering Veto

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Our state should not have to provide additional unjust taxation'

Rural Illinois Power Plant Has Higher Tax Bill Than Disneyland, Willis Tower

Energy |
$36.5 million

Trump Will Once Again Allow Mining In Minnesota's Superior National Forest

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'it is going to happen, I will tell you'

Environmentalists Are Pushing Misleading Info To Attack Scott Pruitt

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Pruitt is committed to enforcing the law'

Scientists Literally Named A Fossil 'Obama Is Crowned'

Energy | Tim Pearce
In honor of his 'passion for science'

California Might Go 'Carbon Neutral' Despite Grid Reliability Issues

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Experts warn of rolling blackouts

LA Mayor's Obsession With Going Green Turned Into A Nightmare For Citizens

Energy | Chris White
An expensive flop

Trump Is Overhauling 'Arbitrary And Burdensome' Environmental Regs To Fix US Infrastructure

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Doing little to actually improve environmental outcomes'

US Virgin Islands Are Not Prepared For Hurricane Season Despite Billions In Federal Assistance

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Mismanagement by local government officials'

Ted Cruz Demands Investigation Into Taxpayer-Funded Global Warming 'Advocacy'

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It is propagandizing'

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