Time’s Up For MS-13 Gang Members

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill

The gang’s motto is rape, control, kill.

Kushner's Lawyer Gets Fiery, Swears 'There's Nothing That Merits Charges' After Mueller Interview

Politics | Julia Nista

'Why would anybody ask that question?'

Gowdy Issues Warning To Dems Wanting In On Meeting With Trump

Politics | Julia Nista

'Don't leak like a sieve'

Pompeo Sidesteps Trump Comments On Deep State In State Department

Politics | Julia Nista

'I don't think there's a deep state'

Campus Free Speech Advocates Lay Down The Law To Congress

Education | Rob Shimshock

'What I have seen is a cult'

WaPo Columnist: Trump And Nunes Care More About Themselves Than The American People [VIDEO]

Politics | Nick Givas

'This is outrageous'

Whoa -- Stephanie Ruhle PRAISES Republican Policies

Media | Justin Caruso

Heck hath frozen over

Michelle Malkin Says Trump Campaign Spy Was Put There To Bring Down Trump, Not To Protect America

Politics | Nick Givas

'It is absolutely alarming'

Judge Napolitano Thinks It's Too Easy For The Federal Government To Abuse Their FISA Power: 'Temptation Is Too Great'

Politics | Nick Givas

'They know they can get it on anybody'

CNN's Chris Cuomo And Jim Jordan Throw Down Over Russia Collusion Claims

Politics | Nick Givas

'That's proving my point. There is no collusion'

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Foster Friess' New Campaign Ad For Wyoming Governor

Politics | Julia Nista

'Wyoming has smiled on me and my family'

What? Do More People Die From Rifles Or Fists In The US?

US | Anders Hagstrom


Man Who Threatened To Call ICE On Spanish Speaking Workers Apologizes

US | Julia Nista

'My next call is going to be ICE...'

Clapper Says Trump Should Be 'Happy' The FBI Spied On His Campaign

Politics | Julia Nista

Behar: 'He should be happy'

CNN's Chris Cuomo Asks If Trump Is 'Crossing The Line' By Investigating DOJ And FBI For Intel Abuses

Politics | Nick Givas

'I think that’s a rhetorical question'

Clapper Was 'Thinking Of Something Else' When He Lied To Congress

Politics | Julia Nista
Former DNI James Clapper gives his excuse as to why he lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee. ABC/Screenshot

'I didn't break the code'

Jim Himes Doesn't Trust House Intel Chair Devin Nunes With Classified Information

Politics | Nick Givas

'Going to make us profoundly less safe'

GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis Renews Calls For Second Special Counsel To Investigate Clinton Emails And FISA Abuses

Politics | Nick Givas

'Need people to be held accountable'

Murphy Slams Republicans Over Gun Debate, Claims '100 People' Killed By School Shooter Wouldn't Bring Them To The Table

US | Julia Nista

'There's blood on our hands...'

Katy Perry Won't Stop Kissing 'Bachelorette' Star On 'American Idol' [VIDEO]

US | Gabrielle Okun

'I'm so sorry'