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Conventional AC systems might do a good job of regulating temperature, but this often comes at the expense of air quality. The Boneco Digital Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier gives you complete control over moisture-level and temperature, so you never have to put up with an unpleasantly dry environment. And if this piques your interest, right now the shop’s running a special—get the Boneco right now for over half off MSRP—$108.

Normally $230, this warm & cool mist humidifier is 53 percent off

Normally $230, this warm & cool mist humidifier is 53 percent off

Boneco Digital Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier on sale for $108

It’s is a cinch to find room for the tiny Boneco, no matter where it’s needed. Dial in humidity levels with a single button. It hums along at whisper level. Warm and cool mist options ease hot or chilly days, and you can easily choose a specific temperature. Integrated Auto Mist Technology and the two-direction, double-jet nozzle take care of the rest.

You’ll know when it’s refill time thanks to the transparent tank, and the device comes standard with sleep mode. Improve your air quality and atmosphere today and check out the 53% off Boneco—currently $108 at The Daily Caller shop.

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