Comedian Eviscerates Dem Hollywood Initiative: ‘It’s So Eerily Close To Socialism, And America Can Smell It’

Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

Comedian Michael Loftus ripped into the newest Democratic Party initiative — a plan to get messaging help from Hollywood — on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, saying essentially that the party’s problem was not a lack of good messaging but rather a lack of a good message. He said, “It’s so eerily close to socialism and America can smell it, they can smell it.”

Loftus questioned how the initiative would change anything, pointing out the fact that all Hollywood ever does is “help the Democrats.” But he also questioned why, if the message was so great, the Democrats would need any help selling it. He asked, “What kind of help could the Democrats get from Hollywood that they can’t figure out on their own? … I find that it is hilarious that the Democrats have to turn to Hollywood for their messaging, how horrible are you as a political party if you don’t wake up knowing what it is you want to do?” (RELATED: Hollywood Hates You)

“It’s going to completely backfire,” Loftus predicted, noting that appearances from celebrities like Jay-Z and LeBron James hadn’t exactly turned the tide for Hillary Clinton. And when it failed before, the party blamed everything but its own lack of a substantive message — Russians, “flyover” people, women who voted for Trump because their husbands told them to, a bad motto — but Loftus said, “I think Americans are so smart they realize the Democratic Party, there is no there there.”

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