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Some tools are just too valuable to be without and an Everyday Carry (EDC) Knife is at the top of that list. From opening Amazon packages to cutting seatbelts in case of an emergency, it’s the tool that makes every day easier, but especially comes in clutch when you need it the most. With a Marine Marpat Flipper Knife, get an essential tool with the official pattern employed by the United States Marine Corps.

Normally $100, this flipper knife is 43 percent off

Normally $100, this flipper knife is 43 percent off

Marine Marpat Flipper Knife on sale for $55.99

This EDC knife is ideal for daily use. Its 4″ blade provides solid cutting performance with a hollow grind and a plain edge. Meaning, it makes quick work of mail, plastic packaging, and other containers with ease. On top of that, it’s sharp enough to effectively use in emergency situations, like cutting a seatbelt after a car accident. So, with this single tool, you’ll get a utility knife with a clip point blade perfect for everyday use, which also comes in handy in case of an emergency.

Even better, this EDC knife feels great in your hands and looks incredible to boot. You’ll get a comfortable grip with sleek lines that rests snugly in your hands’ thanks to the knife’s G10 handle. Plus, you’ll impress your friends and family by sporting the official Marpat (Marine Pattern) design of the United States Marine Corps with this sleek tool.

Add an essential EDC tool to your life with a Marine Marpat Flipper Knife for $55.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 43% off the original price of $99.

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