Rep. Gowdy Eviscerates Strzok On His ‘Self-Serving Definition Of Bias’

Mike Brest | Reporter

Representative Trey Gowdy went after infamous FBI agent Peter Strzok for his “self-serving bias” during the agent’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee Thursday.


“About two weeks ago F.B.I. Agent Peter Strzok was interviewed for more than 10 hours. We learned that Agent Strzok has a most unusual and largely self-serving definition of bias,” Gowdy stated. “Agent Strzok despite the plain language of his texts and emails, despite the inspector general’s report, and despite common sense doesn’t think he was bias.”

“He thinks calling someone destabilizing for the country isn’t bias. He thinks promising to protect the country from someone he hasn’t even begun to investigate isn’t bias. He thinks promising to stop someone he is supposed to be fairly investigating from ever becoming president isn’t bias,” he added.

Agent Strzok has continued to push his narrative that his personal political views did not alter or have any impact on his investigation leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Strzok and his text messages with fellow agent and lover Lisa Page about how they were going to take down Trump’s campaign have been the highlighted over the last couple months.

Gowdy continued, “Agent strzok thinks saying someone he is allegedly investigating should be elected president 100 million to 0 before he ever interviews her. He doesn’t think that’s bias.”

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