Save Big On This Stylish Puffer That Doubles As A Travel Pillow

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What’s better than a comfortable, chic, and affordable piece of clothing? A puffer that also doubles as a travel pillow! With the Joyus Travel Puffer, you’ll get practical and stylish travel gear perfect for any road trip, flight, or time spent away from home.

Normally $130, this travel puffer is 54 percent off

Normally $130, this travel puffer is 54 percent off

Joyus Travel Puffer on sale for $59

This puffer is the ultimate travel jacket for several reasons. For starters, it has a super flattering style. Meaning, you’ll want to wear every day, especially now that it’s fall with winter just around the corner. What’s more, the puffer doubles as a pillow that’s perfect for supporting your neck during long rides and flights. Even better, turning the jacket into a pillow takes just a few seconds, saving you from any hard work.

On top of all that, this travel puffer — which comes in multiple sizes — is high-quality and convenient to use. Made from down feathers, the puffer is lightweight and provides maximum warmth, making it ideal for staying comfortable while on the move. Plus, thanks to its side zip pockets, you’ll be able to keep your hands warm and store everyday essentials with ease. Last but not least, the puffer comes with a travel case that makes it convenient to pack while saving you space in your luggage.

Get it for $59, a price drop from its original $128, in The Daily Caller Shop. 


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