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Happy Thanksgiving Mirror  Readers! Today we put the focus on where it should be — journalists and other Washington and political characters who can’t help but overshare during the holiday or say weird things they should probably keep to themselves. Some, I’m sure, will say touching things, and I will report that, too. 

Quote of the Day:

“My stomach is rioting with acid and I’ve barely eaten today so I don’t even know. I buy Tums by the case. As always, I am just complaining. I enjoy complaining. Most people do. It’s ok.”

Roxane Gay, contributing writer, NYT, associate professor, Perdue University, editor and commentator.

Words of wisdom…

“Today’s a good day for starting dumb Twitter arguments because no one wants to work so go ahead everyone.” — Ryan Teague Beckworth, politics editor, TIME‘s Washington bureau.

Gratitude is…

“Many thanks to the person who went into the mail area in my complex and left me to smell the horrendous fart they left behind.” — Jay Caruso, editorial writer, Dallas Morning News.

Media personality gets stalkers for the holidays

“My wife and I spent our third year anniversary on the phone with the officer investigating the stalkers who have threatened our daughter. Otherwise, a nice day thus far!” — Mike Cernovich, conservative writer, author.

Washington pundit predicts Trump will be selfish on Thanksgiving 

“Prediction: Trump will find a way to make Thanksgiving all about him. Millions of Americans will struggle to keep quiet about it so it doesn’t spoil the holiday.” — Steven Beschloss, anti-Trump, writer, journalist, filmmaker, appears on CNN and MSNBC.

Ooh…prediction comes true… 

“Q from WH pool: What are you thankful for? TRUMP: Great family, and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. I made a tremendous difference in this country.” — Cheryl Bolen, White House reporter,BloombergBNA. 

Ariana Grande and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez team up to hate Piers Morgan 

Grande: “Also ⁦‪@piersmorgan‬⁩, I look forward to the day you realize there are other ways to go about making yourself relevant than to criticize young, beautiful, successful women for everything they do. I think that’ll be a beautiful thing for you and your career or what’s left of it.”

Ocasio-Cortez: “Get ’em.”

Morgan: “My name’s ‘Piers’ not ’em.”

Read more about the fight here.

Speaking of Ocasio-Cortez…

CJ Pearson: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not speak for me nor does she speak for my generation. The media should stop acting like she does.”

Montel Williams: Relax, CJ.

Family serves decaf — journo isn’t pleased 

“I’m on my third day of working remotely at my parents’ house and just now realized all their coffee is decaf. What else haven’t they told me.” — Dave Jorgenson, WaPo.

People are talking about Laura Loomer getting thrown off Twitter

Kimberly Ross, opinion, Washington Examiner, RedState: “For the record, I can’t stand Laura Loomer. At all. But shouldn’t we be dissecting someone’s attitudes/actions instead of their looks? I guess Jessica feels as though the rules don’t apply to her. Convenient feminism, eh?”

She’s reacting to Feminist author and Medium columnist Jessica Valenti, who wrote, “I’m sorry, Laura Loomer is TWENTY FIVE years old. This is like when I found out how old Stephen Miller was. There is not even retinol in the world to save your face from being a racist asshole.”


“I just spoke to Laura Loomer. She has been PERMANENTLY suspended by Twitter for criticizing Sharia law.” — Patrick Howley, head honcho, Big League Politics.

Quick Q: “Can a special counsel drop indictments on Thanksgiving. Asking for a nation.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

Oh, there’s more hate for Loomer… 

“I strongly dislike Laura Loomer. She even has me blocked. But, she should not be suspended for what she tweeted. Twitter is slowly banning right wingers. It started at the fringes and is now creeping to the center-right.” — Kassy Dillon, staff writer, The Daily Wire.

Journo Love 

“Apropos of nothing, when Don Graham was running things he used to send reporters (including a young me) personal, hand written notes about Wash Post stories he really liked. Love that guy.” — Ben White, Politico.

Rush Limbaugh puts his kindness on display (yes, really) 

“Today, Rush Limbaugh made incredibly generous remarks on his radio show, remarks he was going to make when inducting me into the National Radio Hall of Fame. I am grateful to him & his generosity.” — Mark Levin, conservative radio personality.

Journo reminisces about a pantsless visit home 

“The last time i flew home i forgot to pack any pants so i’m excited to see where Thanksgiving takes me.” — Ashley Feinberg, HuffPost.

About Ivanka, Hillary and those private emails

“If you’re one of those news organizations that treated Clinton’s private emails like they were a national emergency, the solution isn’t to treat Ivanka’s private emails like they’re also a national emergency—rather, it’s to acknowledge that you kinda fucked up on Clinton.” — Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight.

Gossip Roundup

Daily Mail: Fox News host Jesse Watters acts like a real man during a divorce. Here.

NYP’s Page Six:


A kind message for Trump (not really) 

“It’s #Thanksgiving Eve for f**k’s sake. Maybe you could stop being such a juvenile, nasty, mean-spirited, combative, divisive douche nozzle for one night? #Trump” — Andy Ostroy, political and pop culture, analyst, HuffPost.

Woman eats ‘massive’ bowl of romaine 

“I saw you idiots talking about romaine all day and thought you were just making dumb Thanksgiving jokes against salad and ignored what you were actually saying. I just ate a massive bowl of chopped romaine and kale. Goodnight everybody.” — Lyndsey Fifield, handles digital at Heritage Foundation.

Esquire culture writer says he deleted Trump long ago

“*psssst* I blocked Trump on twitter three years ago and it’s honestly great! You can, too!!!!!” — Tyler Coates, senior culture editor, Esquire.

What does grandpa think about Jim Acosta — Jim who? 

“Pretty cool that the Jim Acosta news cycle is happening close enough to thanksgiving that I’ll probably get to learn what my various extended family members think about Jim Acosta.” — Max Tani, media writer, The Daily Beast.

Josh Barro likely thinks you’re insufferable 

“If you are preparing a strategy for discussing politics with your idiot know-nothing relatives, you are the insufferable one at your Thanksgiving table.” — Josh Barro, business columnist, New York Mag.

Daily Beast reporter aghast that everyone can’t act like ‘grown ass’ adults 

Also, I’m still utterly confused by people who keep saying don’t talk about politics with family at “thanksgiving or here’s how to deal with your fam’s politics. Grown-ass people should know how to talk to extended family about clashing politics w/out it being a big thing.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast.

Question for the masses: “What is the dumbest thing u ever said in public?” — Pardes Seleh, script writer, Fox News.

Today in Unnecessary Tweeting 

“I’m in Dallas and all I wanna do is ask every house with a Beto sign if they’ve seen the sex tweet.” — Ashley Feinberg, HuffPost.

“One thing I love about being at my husband’s mom’s house is how much everyone meows at the cats. Half the conversation is with the cats.” — Libby Watson, political reporter, Splinter News.


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