Mark Sanchez Addresses His Infamous Butt Fumble In Candid Press Conference. His Reaction Is Must-See

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter

Mark Sanchez addressed his infamous 2012 “butt fumble” during a midweek presser Wednesday, and the memory still seems very fresh in his mind.

The newly signed Redskins quarterback, who was suddenly thrust into this week’s “Monday Night Football” game against the Philadelphia Eagles after backup QB Colt McCoy broke his leg, put up a miraculously okay performance, especially since he hasn’t played a snap since 2016. (RELATED: The Washington Redskins Are Considering Signing Colin Kaepernick)

Although six years have elapsed, it seems everybody still remembers the infamous butt fumble, when Sanchez ran directly into his teammates’ rear end during a play gone wrong.

But Sanchez was remarkably good natured about that less-than-stellar moment in sports.

You’ve got to hand it to Mark Sanchez. The guy’s been out of football for two years, comes back, and still gets asked about one play — six years after it happened. And he handled it like an absolute champ. He even made the reporter who asked him about it look kind of bad. Remarkable. You can’t really ask much else from your QB. Especially if you’re Washington.

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