Here's What Trump Has To Say About His Accomplishments That You Won't Hear From The Media

'It's good to see but will it last?'

Bengals Release Troubled Star. Is This The End Of The Road?

It's about time

Beto On Third Trimester Abortions: 'That Should Be A Decision That The Woman Makes'

'I trust her'

Is America A 'Source Of White Supremacy?' Heather Mac Donald Uses Hate Crime Statistics To Set The Record Straight

'Completely ridiculous'

Gillibrand: 'I Should Have Done More' To Change Gun Laws

'I regret not caring'

Sunday Night's TV Ratings Are In And This Show Came Out On Top

Did you watch?

Teen Who Attacked Australian Senator Should Have Expected Retaliation, Says Joey Jones

'When someone attacks you, you defend yourself'

'My Father Was His Kryptonite': Meghan McCain Launches Tirade Against Trump

'Obsessing over great men you could never live up to'

Le'Veon Bell's Actions After Signing With The Jets Might Upset A Lot Of Fans. Is He Focused On Football?

What is going on here?

This 'Empire' Actress Opens Up About Filming Amid Hate Crime Hoax Reports

What do you think?

Former ICE Supervisor Claims America Needs More Than Just A Border Wall To Be Secure

'Their mantra is kill, rape, control'

Former California GOP Chairman Lists 9 Ways America Is Moving Towards Socialism

'This can be avoided'

Student Who Confronted Chelsea Clinton Over Rhetoric Apologizes After Using Inappropriate Terms In The Past

'Demolishing israel IS a solution'

Gillibrand Claims She Has The Best Voting Record Against Trump Nominees Ever


Cory Booker Affirms Capitalism: 'I Am Not A Socialist'

'I am for capitalism. I’m tired of companies engaging in socialism'

A Judge Decided Justin Theroux's Crazy Lawsuit With His Neighbor 'Can't Be Settled'

What do you think?

'Game Of Thrones' Star Opens Up About The Show's Shocking Sex Scenes. Her Comments Might Surprise You

Here's what she said

Here's What The Creator Of 'Riverdale' Said Is Going To Happen To Luke Perry's Character

What do you think?

One Conference Dominated The Bowl Season And March Madness. Prepare For SEC Fans To Cry

They won't be happy

Warner Brothers CEO Resigned Following These Sex Claims. Here's What We Know

What do you think?

Here's The First Look At Johnny Manziel As A Member Of The Memphis Express

Will he start?

Public School Employee Resigns After Hurling N-Word In Front Of Her 2 Young Kids

'She’s in a bad situation'

Lori Loughlin Asks Daughter, Olivia Jade About 'All This Money' She Paid For Her Education' In Newly Surfaced Clip


Dallas Cowboys Owner Only Needed Two Words To Respond To Odell Beckham Being Traded

He seemed very happy

Felicity Huffman Co-Star Doesn't Hold Back Her Thoughts About College Admission Scam: 'Disgraceful'

'extremely disturbed'

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