Comedic Duo 'The Hodgetwins' React To Model's Racy Protest Photo

That'll show Alabama lawmakers

Lisa Smiley: Why Asians Should Leave The Democratic Party

'Democrats have duped Asians into voting against our own self-interest'

Pete Buttigieg Was Asked If Third-Trimester Abortions Should Be Legal. Here's What He Said

'If it's that late in your pregnancy'

Romney Dumps On #NeverTrump Crowd, Refuses To Stand With Amash On Impeachment

Elizabeth Warren Says No To Giving For-Profit Charter Schools Public Tax Dollars

'Public tax dollars should stay in our public schools'

Unfit To Print: Alabama's New Abortion Law Is Already Receiving The Fake News Treatment

What else is new?

Gowdy: FBI Has Papadopoulos Transcripts That Are Potential 'Game-Changer'

Says 'exculpatory' information could persuade Trump critics

Pete Buttigieg Admits That When He Says 'Fair Taxes' He Means 'Higher Taxes'

'We really do need to entertain ideas'

Mike Pence Gets Standing Ovation Despite Student Walkout At Commencement Speech

Some students wore protest messages

Commencement Speaker Says He'll Pay Off Student Debt For Graduating Class At Historically Black College

'We are going to put a little fuel in your bus'

'I Is For Intifada': Pro-Palestine Children's Book Sparks Outrage

'A vehicle for the Hamas and Palestinian jihad'

Buttigieg Says It's 'Unbelievable' That Bolton Is Allowed In The Situation Room

'One of the worst foreign policy mistakes in American history'

'Tweets Are — I Don't Care': Buttigieg Is So Over Trump's 'Silly Insults'

'It is hard to look away'

Ex-FBI Lawyer Claims He Was 'Concerned' With Steele Dossier, But Still Used It To Get Carter Page Spy Warrant

James Baker claims he viewed Steele dossier 'skeptically'

'These Children Are Very Much Being Harmed' — Pediatric Endocrinologist Blasts 'Poor Science' Behind Child Transgender Therapy

'the data that's coming forward raises serious concerns'

The Daily Vlogger: Daily Caller Takes You Behind the Scenes at The White House For President Trump’s Immigration Announcement

They also talked to members of Congress

Tucker: Dems Like Ilhan Omar Oppose Trump's Immigration Plan Because They Want To 'Import Serfs'

'Skilled immigrants might assimilate and become less reliable Democratic voters'

'Late-Term Abortion Is Pretty Black And White': Meghan McCain Throws Down On 'The View'

'I don't think it should be that hard to say'

Trump Thwarts Critics When He's Asked About Pete Buttigieg Campaigning With His Husband

'It's good'

5th Grade Teacher Charged With DUI After Crashing Into Pizza Shop. She's Also The Mayor's Daughter

'I'm good'

Maxine Waters Explains Why She Thinks Trump's Immigration Plan Is 'Very Racist'

'You must speak English'

Democrats Unanimous As House Passes Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete In Girls' Sports

'People need to wake up'

Wildly Famous Motivational Speaker Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Harassing Rape Victims

'He just didn’t care, he was too powerful'

CBP Chief: Border Patrol Has Made 2,500 Migrant Rescues This Year Alone

'Our agents risk their lives'

Teacher Placed Ammo In Massachusetts High School To Prove It Needs More Security: Police

'Prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors'

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