Are Our Classic Disney Movies Sexist And Harmful To Little Girls?

Cinderella? NOPE

Trump In Nevada: Sen Dean Heller 'Was There Right From The Beginning' On Gorsuch And Kavanaugh

'Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs'

At Senate Debate, Republican Dean Heller Touts His Good Relationship With Trump -- But They Used To Fight 'Like Cats And Dogs'

'He has been incredible'

CNN's Chris Cuomo Invites Rep Gianforte To Bodyslam Him Next

'And the crowd roared, much like I expect the Romans would roar when the lions mauled someone in the arena'

Gorka Weighs In On Ocasio-Cortez: 'The Ignorance And Arrogance Is A Cocktail For Disaster'

'anybody who was her teacher in school should be embarrassed'

Conservatives Condemn Right-Wing Mob Within Days For Going After Pelosi

'It’s unacceptable'

CNN's John Avlon Says Nikki Haley Is Making A Move For The White House

'An attempt for her to define her own role in the Republican Party'

This May Be One Of The Most Insane NHL Goals You'll Ever See [WATCH]


Eric Trump On Saudi Arabia: 'We Have To Be Honest With Ourselves ... We Don't Have All That Many Friends In The Middle East'

'Saudi Arabia has been a friend to the U.S. in many ways'

Chris Wallace Calls Trump 'Preposterous' For Suggesting Democrats Are Behind Border Surge

'This isn't some Democratic plot'

Will The Tide Turn With An Increase In Black Trump Supporters?

'All the jobs are going to illegals'

Meghan McCain: 'The President And The Press' Need To 'Rise Above' The Current Tone

'I don’t think that helps anything'

'Morning Joe's' Mika Says The Press Will Hold A Grudge Against Trump For Branding Them The Enemy Of The People

'We're not going to let this go'

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Trump Jr. Explains POTUS' 'Horseface' Tweet

'People love the authenticity'

Watch: Hundreds Of Caravan Migrants Break Border Fence And Pour Into Mexico

Out of control

Donald Trump Won't Seek Re-Election In 2020, Says MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough

'Donald Trump is all about money. It’s what drives him'

Eric Trump Answers Specific Questions On Saudi Business Dealings

'Zero relationship with Saudi Arabia'

Eric Trump Warns Alleged Murder Of Jamal Khashoggi Could Set Saudi Arabia Back For Years

Trump had a harsh warning for the Kingdom

Campus Reform Editor-In-Chief Blames College Culture For Current Mob Mentality

'I don’t see a lot of Republicans beating up people because of the ideas'

Border Patrol Deputy Chief Slams 'Status Quo' Congress For Sitting On The Sidelines During Immigration Crisis

'The status quo is not going to work anymore'

WaPo Writer: Not A 'Bad Bet' That 'Wealthy White People' Will Come Out As Winners After Discrimination Lawsuit Against Harvard

'Whites will wind up being the principal beneficiaries'

Exclusive Video: Trump Jr., Guilfoyle Talk Elizabeth Warren's Claim To Native American Heritage

'She's more white than just about anyone'

Backlash Is Growing After Trump's 'Horseface' Tweet On Stormy Daniels

'It's a sad day in America when the President of the United States calls a woman a horeface'

'It's A Definitive No' — Beto O'Rourke Has No Current Plans To Run For President

'I won't leave this state to go run for president'

Missouri Senate Fight Gets Dirty: McCaskill Demands Special Prosecutor For Project Veritas

'Perpetrating this fraud by promoting it and encouraging it'

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