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Twitter APOLOGIZES For Going To 'Anti-Gay' Chick-fil-A During Pride Month

US | Anders Hagstrom
All because the restaurant is allegedly anti-gay, but is it?

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Hollywood Hates You

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Robert De Niro and Bill Maher can't contain their contempt for anyone not like them

Twitter CEO Caves To Liberal Backlash, Says He Was Wrong To Eat Chick-Fil-A

US | Peter Hasson
'Please delete this'

Social Media Platform That Censors Conservatives Worried About Net Neutrality Repeal

Tech | Kyle Perisic
The irony

Twitter Accused Candace Owens Of Being 'Far-Right' -- They Just Backed Down

Politics | Peter Hasson
'There was a clear break in our curation process'

Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second 'Civil War'

Politics | Joe Simonson
'Great read'

Twitter Co-Founder And CEO Believes Bitcoin Will Be The 'Single Currency' Of The World

Business | Audrey Conklin
The future looks wild

Twitter May Give Everyone A Blue Checkmark To Weed Out The Robots

Business | Eric Lieberman
You get a blue checkmark, and you get a blue checkmark

Twitter Gets First Ever Glimpse At Profit

Business | Eric Lieberman
'A strong finish to the year'

Twitter Has Miscalculated User Growth For YEARS

Business | Eric Lieberman
'We're proud'

Twitter Is Planning Big Crackdown On 'Hate Symbols'

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Action against organizations that use/have historically used violence'

Lyft Founder Brags About Being More 'Woke' Than Uber

Business | Eric Lieberman
'There's an awakening'

Hillary Clinton Is Following Donald Trump's Presidential Twitter Account

US | Eric Lieberman
But why?

Twitter CEO Compares US Mood To Arab Spring

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Our greatest superpower'

Twitter's Head Of Diversity And Inclusion Quits In Spate Of High Level Departures

Business | Eric Lieberman
7th person gone in roughly 3 months

Twitter Says It's Developing New Tools For Online Censorship

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Rolling out a number of product changes in the days ahead'

Immigrant-Rich Tech Industry Responds To Trump's Immigration Ban

US | Eric Lieberman
Some with donations

Twitter CEO Is Considering Letting Users Edit Posts

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'What's the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve?'

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