Michael Cohen Sets The Record Straight On Tom Arnold 'Encounter' And Whether POTUS Was Discussed

US | Scott Morefield
'I'm the crazy person...'

Wounded Veterans Reap The Benefits After Congressional Picnic Is Cancelled

Military | Virginia Kruta
'amazing looking steaks'

Islamic Radical Suspected Of Killing Eight In New York Praises Allah And Defends ISIS In Court

US | Joshua Gill
'Fighting to impose Sharia on earth'

Joe Scarborough Uses Krauthammer's Death To ... Attack Trump

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'... protect the Republic from Trump’s worst instincts'

University Of Wisconsin Prof Accuses Cops Of Hampering School Safety

Education | Dominic Mancini
Schools are 'no place' for them

BUSTED: WaPo Corrects Story Saying Crying Girl Was Separated From Mom - Tells No One

Media | Amber Athey
'Clarifications and corrections should be clear, concise, and direct'

'Stopped Me In My Tracks:' Angel Mom Describes How Trump SAVED HER From Suicide

US | Amber Athey
'Gave us a little light'

Photos: Conditions For Homeless Children In America Vs. Shelter For Migrant Children

US | Justin Caruso

Joe Jackson Terminally Ill With Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer

US | Vandana Rambaran
Launched children's careers with The Jackson 5

Protesters Play Audio Of Migrant Children Crying Outside Nielsen's House

Politics | Mike Brest
'Child Snatcher'

Angel Mom OBLITERATES Media Coverage Of Illegal Immigration: 'We're Separated Permanently'

US | Amber Athey
'The permanent separation'

Planned Parenthood Sues So That It Can Keep Getting Funds To Teach Students About Abortion

US | Grace Carr
Follows cuts in teen pregnancy prevention program

Appeals Court Strikes Down Four Life Sentences Against DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

US | Anders Hagstrom
He killed six people

Wife Of Freed NYC Cop Killer Commits Suicide Weeks After His Release

US | Henry Rodgers

Health Providers Sue Because Indiana Insists Only Doctors Can Perform Abortions

US | Grace Carr
'Ground zero in the fight to protect women'

Lawsuit Photos Reveal Inhumane Conditions For Migrant Children Held At Obama Detainment Facility

US | Benny Johnson
'Deprived of beds, bedding, and sleep ...'

POLL: More Voters Blame Parents Than Feds For Family Separation Crisis

Politics | Will Racke
'The United States will not be a migrant camp'

ABC To Air New Show Similar To 'Roseanne'

Entertainment | Julia Nista
Guess they found a replacement

Border Patrol Agent In TIME Photo DEMOLISHES Fake News -- Tells The REAL Story Behind The Picture

US | Amber Athey

MSNBC Host Goes Off On US Immigration Policies, Worries They'll Create 'Terminator-Like Characters'

Media | Julia Nista
What a weird thought

California Utility That Tried Blaming Deadly Wildfires On Climate Change Might Go Bankrupt

Energy | Jason Hopkins
It was a bold strategy

New York Is Releasing Another Cop Killer

US | Henry Rodgers
'Killed for 15 cents'

Doctor: 11-Year-Old Turpin Daughter Suffered From 'Psychosocial Dwarfism' Due To Malnourishment

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Gasps heard inside courtroom'

Mom Whose Child Was Killed By Illegal Alien Has Message For Mother Of Viral Child 'Separation' Photo

Politics | Benny Johnson
'I never get to take a selfie with her again.'

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