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Peter Strzok Has Lost His Security Clearance, Says Jeff Sessions

US | Chuck Ross
Strzok was escorted out of FBI headquarters

Pending Immigration Cases Reach All-Time High

Politics | Molly Prince
As did the length of time for each case

Pentagon Sending Military Lawyers To Border To Prosecute Illegal Immigration Cases

Politics | Will Racke
'Vital to protecting a nation'

Immigrant Rights Group Sue Department Of Justice For Giving Psychiatric Treatment To Anxious Children

US | Julia Cohen
The plaintiffs opposed giving anxiety medication to a girl that became 'more anxious'

Pope Sides With US Bishops Against Separation Of Illegal Immigrant Children At Border

World | Joshua Gill
'Let it be clear'

Tony Perkins: Sessions Talking To Lawmakers About Using DNA Tests To Verify Parents Of Immigrant Children

US | Kerry Picket
'Sessions is talking to congressional members and is hoping for a legislative fix'

Over 600 Methodist Clergy And Laypeople File Formal Complaint Against Jeff Sessions

US | Joshua Gill
'Call for some degree of accountability'

US Surpasses Germany As World's Top Asylum Destination And The Numbers Point To A Massive Surge

Politics | Will Racke
For the first time since 2012

Trump Campaign Manager: Fire Jeff Sessions, End Mueller Probe

US | Chuck Ross
'Time to fire Jeff Sessions'

Sessions Asks Supreme Court To Let Sanctuary Penalties Take Effect

Politics | Kevin Daley
DOJ urges justices to narrow lower court order enjoining DOJ sanctuary cities order

'We Do Not Separate Babies From Adults': DHS Denies Allegation It 'Ripped' Breastfeeding Baby From Mother

Politics | Will Racke
'It's a bright line'

Nancy Pelosi Calls All People Of Faith 'Hypocrites' For Not Railing Against Immigration Policy

Politics | Joshua Gill
'Hypocrisy of all people of faith'

'Requires Termination': Sessions Says More Firings Possible Following DOJ Report

Politics | Chuck Ross
Defends firing of James Comey

Bishop Of Tucson Calls For Canonical Penalties For Catholics Involved In Separating Families At Border

US | Joshua Gill
'Maybe it's time for us to look at canonical penalties'

'Are You Kidding Me?!' – Jim Jordan Double Dunks Jeff Sessions Into A Cold Glass Of Milk

US | Amber Athey

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Liberals Freak Out Over Everything

Editorial | Derek Hunter
They're actively rooting against the United States

'You Do NOT Get To Have Asylum For That' -- Jeff Sessions Defends Immigration Policies On Tucker's Show

Media | Justin Caruso
Watch the full clip.

EXCLUSIVE: New USCIS Office Estimates THOUSANDS Obtained US Citizenship Through Identity Fraud

US | Will Racke
They've already caught 1,600

MSNBC Host Implies Jim Jordan Isn't 'Christian' If He Doesn't Support Liberal Immigration Policies

Media | Dominic Mancini

Sessions Tightens Asylum Standards, Says Domestic Violence Not Enough For Valid Claim

Politics | Will Racke
'The asylum statute does not provide redress for all misfortune'

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