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An Obama-Era Climate Order Trump Didn't Rescind Could Be A Boon For Enviros

Energy | Chris White
It could come back to bite Trump

House Democrats Have Not Gotten Scott Pruitt Out Of Their Heads

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Gone, but not forgotten

Andrew Wheeler Addresses The EPA, Dings The Media

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'You've probably only been reading flattering things about me in the press'

Judge Nixes NYT Lawsuit Forcing EPA To Roll Out FOIA'd Docs On Rolling Basis

Energy | Chris White
'Does not enable plaintiffs to seek all future entries'

With Pruitt Gone, Environmentalists Look To Zinke For Their Next Scalp

Energy | Jason Hopkins
The witch hunt continues

Scott Pruitt's Parting Gift: Nixing One More Obama-Era Regulation

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The Agency is exercising its enforcement discretion'

Jilted Former EPA Aide With Sordid History Takes Full Credit For Pruitt's Resignation

Energy | Chris White
'I’ve put the breadcrumbs where they had to go'

Woman Who Confronted Scott Pruitt Is Actually An Anti-Trump Activist

Energy | Jason Hopkins
She's convinced she had something to do with his resignation

Pruitt May Be Gone, But Trump Is Still Poised To Repeal Dozens Of Environmental Regulations

Energy | Chris White
His replacement is charting a similar course

SOURCE: A NY Times Story Was The 'Murder Weapon' Used Against Scott Pruitt

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Weeks of negative publicity'

Here Are Five Of The Biggest Wins Pruitt Racked Up During His Time At The EPA

Energy | Chris White
Pruitt completed a large chunk of the president's agenda

Pruitt Has Been Gone For Less Than A Day And His Replacement Is Already Getting Attacked

Energy | Tim Pearce
Wasted no time

With Pruitt's Downfall, Sen. Jim Inhofe's Former Staffers Are Ascendant At EPA

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Andrew worked for me for 14 years'

Trump Reveals Why Scott Pruitt Resigned

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I think Scott felt that...'

Conservatives Praise Outgoing EPA Chief Pruitt As Trump's Agenda Marches On

Energy | Chris White
'Pruitt will go down as the best EPA chief in history'

Environmentalists Celebrate The Resignation Of Scott Pruitt

Energy | Jason Hopkins
These guys hated Pruitt with a passion

Scott Pruitt Blames 'Unrelenting Attacks' Against Him, His Family In Resignation Letter

Energy | Michael Bastasch

Big Shake-Up In Trump's Cabinet

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I will always be thankful to him'

Pruitt In Hot Water Over 'Secret Calendars'

Politics | Hillary Silverman
This could be the 19th probe into Pruitt

Scott Pruitt Has A Plan To Replace Obama's Climate Regulations For Coal Plants

Energy | Michael Bastasch
He's not doing what conservatives want

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