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Demographic Decline As More White People Die Than Have Children In Over Half Of US States

US | Kyle Perisic
Trump won 20 out of the 24 states that have a natural increase of white people

'Conservative' Carbon Tax Plan Hinges On GOP ... Losing Seats In Congress?

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It’s a BTU tax, plain and simple'

Denver University Pushes Female-Only Programs As Male Enrollment Plummets

Education | Grace Carr
Advancement of all 'cis and trans-women'

NY Times Admits It 'Erroneously' Reported Info About Scott Pruitt's Daughter

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The material about Ms. Pruitt’s application has been removed from the article'

The New York Times Doesn't Seem Too Concerned About Boys Who Can't Read

Politics | Dominic Mancini
'Girls continue to outperform boys in reading'

Comey Rebuts IG Report, Admits No Mistakes In Clinton, Russia Probes

Politics | Kevin Daley
'I do not agree with all of the inspector general’s conclusions'

NY Times CEO: Facebook's Algorithm Will 'Damage' Democracy

US | Eric Lieberman
'Will not make democracy healthier but damage it further'

‘She’s NOT A Weakling’ – Reporter Who Covers Melania Trump Reveals How Strong Our First Lady Is

Politics | Justin Caruso

EXCLUSIVE: BuzzFeed Confirms It Knew About Ali Watkins' Relationship With Indicted Senate Official

Media | Joe Simonson
Did BuzzFeed breach basic journalistic ethics?

EXCLUSIVE: NYT Reporters Say 'F**k The Military,' Promote Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories, Tweet The N-Word

Media | Justin Caruso
Read what they said.

Correcting The Record On The Federalist's House Intelligence Committee Article

op-ed | Darren Dick and Jamil Jaffer
Contains repeated misstatements about ... Mike Rogers that bear correcting

'It Certainly Bothers Me' -- Sarah Sanders HITS BACK At Critics Who Accuse Her Of Lying

Politics | Justin Caruso
She's DONE with the media's lies.

EXCLUSIVE: NYT Is Going To Have To Issue A Major Correction After Reading This

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'These are disgruntled employees'

The Times Decides The Wife Of An Alleged Terrorist Makes For A Good Haspel Critic

Media | Joe Simonson
The column doesn't even mention his name

New York Times Tax Bill Falls 50 Percent

Politics | Chuck Ross
Times asked readers to contact GOP senators to vote against bill

NYT Writer Doesn't Regret Putting Off Kids To Write About Hillary Clinton

US | Gabrielle Okun
'What about Hillary?'

NYT Floats Conspiracy That Obama Allowed Pruitt's Security Chief To Moonlight For A Pro-Trump Tabloid

Energy | Chris White
Obama inexplicably gave Pasquale Perrotta a waiver

EPA Officials Think They Know Who Is Leaking Negative Information About Pruitt

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'More than 60 percent is false; the other 40 percent is information he distorted'

NYT Reporter: I 'Cried' After Clinton Lost The Election

Politics | Gabrielle Okun
'I don’t want to sound like some crazy fan girl'

Trump Flips Out After The New York Times Says Cohen Might Turn On Him

Politics | Ryan Pickrell
'Dishonest media!'

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