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EXCLUSIVE: New USCIS Office Estimates THOUSANDS Obtained US Citizenship Through Identity Fraud

US | Will Racke
They've already caught 1,600

Immigration Agency Forms Group To Track Down People Who Cheated To Get US Citizenship

Politics | Will Racke
'We’ll get to them'

EXCLUSIVE: DHS Figures Show How Long-Shot Asylum Claims Have Become A Ticket To Stay In The US

Politics | Will Racke
'Word has spread'

Government Agency Challenges Immigration Dogma

Editorial | Scott Greer
'Nation of immigrants' out -- 'protecting Americans' in

Top US Immigration Agency Changes Mission Statement To Emphasize Lawful Immigration And The Protection Of The American People

US | Ryan Pickrell
'Protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values'

Chain Migration Visa Approvals Fall By 70 Percent Under Trump

Politics | Will Racke
Policy change

Immigration Agency Reverses Position On DACA Renewals, Says It Will Accept Some Late Applications

Politics | Will Racke
Mail delays

Trump Effect: Citizenship Applications On The Rise In 2017

Politics | Will Racke
Defies historical trend

Report: 600K Illegal Immigrants In US South Have Potential Path To Legal Status

US | Will Racke
Many would come through asylum claims

Landscapers Complain That Without Massive Expansion Of Visa Program, Lawns Will Go Unmowed

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'We are turning down work'

Immigrants Admit Terrorism Ties, Illegal Voting, But Feds Don't Compile Their Answers

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
'This demonstrates a significant failure by the US government'

Obama Official, Clinton Allies Also Exploited Visa Program Used By Kushner Companies

Politics | Will Racke
'An appearance of favoritism and special access'

An Untold Number Of Immigration Applications Never Received Background Checks

Politics | Kathryn Watson
'We are uncertain of the scope of the problem'

It Will Cost 21 Percent More For Immigrants To Prove They're In The US Legally

US | JP Carroll
Fees for relevant documents are going up for the first time since November 2016

Immigration Has Such A Giant Backlog, Asylum Seekers Can Work For YEARS While Being Processed

Politics | JP Carroll
Asylum-seekers can now get two-year work permits

There Are So Many Immigration Cases, Many Won't Go To Court For YEARS

US | JP Carroll
Mexico and Northern Triangle countries are the most represented in pending cases

This Immigration Policy Just Let 194,000 Illegal Immigrants Stick Around

US | JP Carroll
Policy has been in effect since 2001

Obama Admin Blocks Requests For Info On Amnesty Programs, So This Group Is Suing

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Will the agency still be able to hold off releasing any information?

The US Is Accepting 80 Percent Of Syrian Refugee Applicants

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Monthly totals have climbed'

Businesses Hungry For Foreign Labor Gather Round For H-1B Visa Dump

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Thirsting for the talent'

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