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'You guys get literally one question ... '

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
'You guys get literally one question ... '

White House Proposes Privatizing Fannie And Freddie

Politics | Molly Prince
"Ensure more transparency and accountability"

Education And Labor Departments Might Become One Per White House Suggestion

Education | Rob Shimshock
The DOE would be the simplest to liquidate in terms of size ...

AMAZING Photo: Melania Trump Is Looking Completely Unbothered By Media Scrutiny

US | Justin Caruso
She doesn't worry about them.

NYT Nixed Interview With Stephen Miller At WH Request

Politics | Mike Brest
They were under no obligation

Trump Drags Hillary For Presidential Criticism: 'Didn't She Already Have Her Chance?'

Politics | Benny Johnson
The audience roared at the line.

TOTAL TRADE WAR: Trump Threatens To Hit China With Tariffs On $200 Billion Worth Of Goods

World | Ryan Pickrell
China is trying to keep the US at a 'permanent and unfair disadvantage'

White House Reporters Become Unglued Over Immigration Enforcement

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
Fact checking the 'truth seekers'

White House Destroys Morning Joe Over Holocaust Comparison

Politics | Mike Brest
'This is the type of inflammatory and unacceptable rhetoric'

Trump Delivers Update On Melania Trump -- SLAMS Media Speculation On Her Health

Politics | Justin Caruso
This is amazing

Deputy White House Press Secretary Calls Out CBS Reporter Over 'Misleading' Resignation Claim

Politics | Julia Nista
'After telling me the story wouldn't run...'

There's A 'Medical Emergency' At The White House -- Here's What We Know

US | Amber Athey
Secret Service is on the scene

CBS Reported That Sarah Sanders Was Leaving The White House -- She Nukes Them Into Oblivion With One Tweet

Politics | Justin Caruso

Conway: 'The Last President Was Handed A Nobel Peace Prize. This President Will Earn It.'

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'Doing something great for the world'

Jared And Ivanka Earned More Than $80 Million In 2017

Politics | Molly Prince

Fact-Checking The White House 'Truth Seekers': On Presidential Pardons, Anthem Protests

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
CNN commentator April Ryan goes berserk during a recent White House press briefing over anthem protests, while other reporters take issue with Donald Trump’s Presidential pardons.

House Accepts Rescinding Pennies From Giant $1.3 Trillion Omni

Politics | Robert Donachie
What will the Senate do, though?

PURE HEART -- Melania Sends Tweet In Support Of Fighting Opioid Abuse In America

US | Justin Caruso
She really cares.

Caps Player Will Not Attend White House If They Win Stanley Cup

Sports | Mike Brest
A missed opportunity

Mika Says Trump's Upset He Can't Watch Porn In The White House

Politics | Mike Brest
'Donald Trump’s biggest complaint'

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