FLASHBACK: Clarence Thomas Calls Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Him A 'High-Tech Lynching'

'I think that it is disgusting'

Urban Meyer Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut For One Very Simple Reason

What is he doing?

Video Proves How Much Russell Wilson Is Being Hung Out To Dry In Seattle


DCNF Editor Says Democrats Only Bash The System When They Don't Get Their Way

'If they lose something that means the system doesn't work'

Willie Nelson Talks About Supporting Beto O'Rourke [VIDEO]

'I have been supporting Democrats all my life'

Mazie Hirono Tells Men To 'Shut Up And Step Up'

'Do the right thing for a change'

Joe Scarborough Says GOP Finds Itself In 'No-Win Situation' With Kavanaugh Accuser

'Going to look very insensitive'

Judge Andrew Napolitano Sides With Intelligence Community Over Declassification Order: 'Too Much Transparency'

'Might be a little bit too much transparency'

Kanye West Shares Huge News [VIDEO]

'I'm never leaving'

'Excuse Me, Mr. President' —Trump Takes Shots At EU To Polish President's Face

Holy moly

One Of The Greatest Shows Ever Made Is Once Again Shown Major Disrespect At The Emmys

What is going on?

Man In His 80s Fights Off Three Armed Robbers. The Video Is Absolutely Incredible


Democratic Congressional Candidate's Brother Makes Appearance In Campaign Ad -- For His Opponent

'Contempt for those in law enforcement'

'Fort Trump': Polish President Pledges US Military Base In Poland Named After Trump

'I firmly believe this is possible'

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Says There's No Middle Ground With Kavanaugh Accuser

'Either that person's a victim or that person is a liar'

Rick Scott Gets Booed Out Of Campaign Event

'It’s not his fault, but he’s making it worse'

CNN's John Berman 'Surprised' By Democrats' Strategy Of Resistance Against Brett Kavanaugh

'I’m curious how far they’re willing to push'

Lindsey Graham On Kavanaugh Accuser's Lie Detector Test: 'Who Paid For It?'

Hmm ...

Trudeau 'Really, Really Upset' First Nations Meeting Did Not Go As Planned

'I am really, really upset'

Pittsburgh Steelers Star Continues To Give His Team The Metaphorical Middle Finger [VIDEO]


Jason Chaffetz Says 'Deep State' Sent A Spy To Monitor His Activities

'They sent a spy'

WaPo Contributor: Kavanaugh Accuser Testimony Will Be Bad For White, Male Republicans

'The White House is going to treat her terribly'

Democrats' Delayed Document Dump On Kavanaugh Is A 'Question Of Fairness,' Says Professor Jonathan Turley

'Democrats supposedly had this since July'

Judge Napolitano Says Kavanaugh Accusation Will Devolve Into A Trip Down Memory Lane

'Two people saying the same thing at the same time will recall it differently'

Bee Lands On MSNBC Reporter, She Handles It Like A Pro

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