Female Golfer Pulls Off Absurd Trick Shot. The Video Is Mind-Boggling

How did she do it?

Legendary Director Has A New Espionage Movie Coming Out, And One Of The Most Famous Men Alive Will Star In It

Here's what we know

Trump Blasts Pelosi In Fiery Presser — Cuts Infrastructure Meeting Short After 'Cover Up' Allegations

'Phony investigations'

Juan Williams Calls Trump An 'Idiot' — His Co-Hosts Fire Back

'He’s not an idiot, Juan. He’s the president of the United States'

The Man Behind The New 'Star Wars' Film Has Some Comments That Will Make Fans Extremely Excited

Here's what he had to say

Pelosi Responds To Trump's Surprise Presser Roasting Dems: 'I Pray For The President'

That got heavy

Robots Are Being Built To Replace The Mailman

Entirely eliminating the need for a driver or delivery personnel

NBA Superstar Might Be Leaving His Team. His Landing Spot Could Send Shockwaves Through The League

Here's what we know

Antonio Brown Shows Massive Disrespect To The Raiders. Should The Fans Be Furious?

Here's what he did

NBA TV Ratings Are Tanking, But The Commissioner Has A Solid Plan To Potentially Fix The Situation

Will it work?

Remember Legendary Actor Kevin Costner? It Sounds Like He Has An Awesome Major New Project

It should be great

Dog Leaps From Moving RV To Escape Drunk Driver In High Speed Chase

A dog jumped out of the RV during the chase

The NFL Makes Horrendous Decision With Potential New Overtime Rules. Prepare For Fans To Revolt

This isn't good

The Number Of People Who Have Signed A Petition Demanding A New 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Is Shockingly High.

So many people

NFL Star Spends Shocking Amount Of Money On Engagement Ring. Has He Lost His Mind?

Was this smart?

HBO Executive Reveals If There Will Be A 'Game Of Thrones' Sequel After Awful Ending. Will Fans Like What He Said?

What should the network do?

Brad Pitt And Leonard DiCaprio Have A New Movie Coming Out About Some Infamous Murders. The Early Reports Are That It's Incredible

Here's what the fans need to know

Will Conor McGregor Fight Again? His Latest Comments Offer Some Great Clues As To His Future

Here's what he said

Omar Expresses Her 'Distaste For A Lot Of The Kind Of Journalism' In America, Journalists React Differently Than If Trump Had Said It

Spoiler alert

Planned Parenthood Leader Says Men Can Have Children, Tucker Begs To Differ

'Reality is worth defending'

Majority Whip Clyburn Says Dems Would Vote 'No' On Impeachment

He did say that more people would vote for impeachment than previously

'Why Don't They Do Their Jobs?' — Ben Carson Reacts After Democratic Lawmaker Suggested He Should Break Immigration Law

'The "D" in HUD does not stand for "deportation"'

Aaron Rodgers Has Epic Rant About The Awful 'Game Of Thrones' Ending. He's 100% Correct

Here's what he said

This Kid's Sinatra-Inspired Rap Leaves Women Swooning, Internet Melting

'My broken glasses are totally an aesthetic choice'

Beto Spreads Falsehoods About Trump In CNN Town Hall

Not good!

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