Start Color Matching And Stop Guessing With The Nix Pro That’s On Sale For Over $100 Off

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Trying to find that perfect color for the bedroom wall can drive you crazy. Why does the exact shade you want feel so needlessly out of reach? Even when you’re not going from imagination alone, color-matching can be a real headache. Swatch books aren’t cheap, and the colors inside usually only apply to that specific range of products. You’re forced to contend with industry-specific color systems such as RGB, CMYK or Lab that can be difficult to cross-convert, and often find yourself in the scary position of having to match by eye. Smartphone apps promise to solve the problem, but they leave a lot to be desired in terms of accuracy, often doing more harm than good. If you really feel like stepping up your matching abilities, you might want to take a look at the Nix Pro Color Sensor, on sale now for 28% off.

Normally $350, this color matcher is 28 percent off

Normally $350, this color matcher is 28 percent off

Nix Pro Color Sensor on sale for $249

Use this device to scan the color of any color-critical any surface, transfer to your phone or tablet, and then get unbelievably accurate matches. The Nix uses a controlled light source and ambient blockage for incredible reliability. Struggling to find the perfect side-table decorations to match your Van Gogh print? The hue of that apple catch your eye for a new couch throw? Take this compact gadget everywhere and convert what you find to any color system or medium. You can even save color harmonies and import your own custom color libraries. Discover the endless creative possibility of the Nix Pro and start designing like you’ve always dreamed today for $249 at The Daily Caller Shop—$100 off its usual price!


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