Dershowitz: ‘I Would Like To See President Trump Become The Pardon President’

Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz applauded President Trump for commuting the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson on “Fox & Friends” Saturday morning, saying that in her case, justice had truly been served.


But he also challenged Trump’s critics to not allow their political biases to get in the way of seeing justice done. He explained:

I think that doesn’t serve the American public to have the media show such a bias, one striking example, when the president pardoned an African-American woman who has served an excessive sentence for a relatively minor crime, you would think that every liberal in the country would applaud that result. It was such a just result and when she got out, she handled it with such dignity and so wonderfully and, yet, he was criticized because he listened to a reality star who urged him to give the pardon. It was the right pardon to give.

Dershowitz added that he would like to see more similar pardons and sentence commutations from Trump throughout the remainder of his presidency, saying, “I think we ought to be praising the president for pardoning people who have excessive sentences and hoping to do more of it over the years. I would like to see President Trump become the pardon president.” (RELATED: Alice Johnson Thanks Trump After First Night Of Freedom: ‘Going To Make You So Proud’)

Professor Dershowitz even suggested the creation of an office specifically designed to receive and carefully review requests for pardons, passing recommendations on to the president.

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