Trump Jr. Says Sen. Cory Booker ‘Looks Like He’s Auditioning To Be A Televangelist’

Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

Donald Trump Jr. took a swing at Dem Sen. Cory Booker of NJ early Thursday morning during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” saying that the potential 2020 contender was all about the drama. He said, “We’re used to seeing Cory booker, histrionics, everything is drama.”

Trump was responding to a speech from Booker during which he claimed, “Telling you right now, if this country hasn’t broken your heart, you don’t love her enough. If you’re not deeply disturbed by what is coming, you got to check your own love.”

Using a recent legislative example, Trump made the point that Booker was willing to sacrifice even his own pet projects in order to oppose the president.

“Two weeks ago we put forth prison reform legislation he has been fighting for since the beginning of his career. All of sudden he is against it. Because anything that Trump does he will be against it. So something he championed, that he has done, all of sudden not for it. He realizes that is a mistake.”

Trump also noted that Booker is not alone — that appears to be the position of most Democrats. He explained, “That is the problem with the other side. If Donald Trump walked across the Hudson river to New Jersey, they would say Trump can’t swim. If he came out for oxygen, they would be against it. They would hold their breath.”

Bringing the conversation back to Senator Booker, Trump laid out one more criticism. He said, “He looks like he is auditioning to be a televangelist. We get that. We see the overdrama and facial expressions in the hearings. This doesn’t play well with real people. He thinks it probably does. He is a terrible actor.”

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