Flames Dance To The Beat On This Innovative Bluetooth Speaker

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Music can really breathe life into a party. Videos can be even better, but generally only the rich and famous can afford actually choreographed accompaniment. The Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker poses a third option. Designed to pair a dynamic row of propane-fueled flames to your soundtrack, it adds vitality to the atmosphere of any social gathering or romantic night in. Right now it’s also 27% off, changing the price from the $549 MSRP down to $399 at The Daily Caller Shop.

Normally $550, this fireside bluetooth speaker is 27 percent off

Normally $550, this fireside bluetooth speaker is 27 percent off

Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker on sale for $399

Sync to your device via Bluetooth and watch flames dance to your favorite playlists as they play through the 8-ohm, high-quality speaker. The Audiobox features an attractive wood-panel design. It also sports an anti-tip-over safety measure as well as leak detection to prevent unwanted gas flow.

If you’ve been looking for a new and exciting way to listen to music with friends or that special someone, take a look at this Fireside Audiobox. You can currently snag it for only $399 after 27% off at the shop.


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