Barack Obama Can’t Quit You

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On the show today, we talk about the return of Barack Obama, Kamala Harris deceptively edits a video, and Ben Sasse is not as good at solving problems as he is at defining them.

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Former President Barack Obama returned to the political stage Friday with a speech slamming the current state of politics and President Donald Trump. Traditionally former presidents don’t do what Obama did, but his ego needs to be fed and he’s too young to just go away and retire. This is a good thing for Republicans. Obama will raise money and excite crowds, but he has a horrible record when it comes to people he’s campaigned for, ask President Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama was the greatest elector of Republicans the party has ever known, with more than 1,000 seats switching from D to R. Obama will serve as a reminder of his failures and broken promises more than an inspiration to voters. Voters remember how bad the Obama economy was, even if he doesn’t want us to.

When new undercover videos are released by a conservative groups exposing something liberals are doing, the refrain is always that those video are “heavily edited,” as if there’s a context in which advising someone on how to set up a child sex ring makes sense. California Senator Kamala Harris tweeted out and out-of-context video clip of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony in an attempt to smear the likely next Supreme Court Justice. We break it down.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is very good at pointing out problems, he’s less good at offering solutions. Over the weekend, Sasse said he’s considering leaving the GOP to be an independent because neither party of talking about the important issues that will impact the future, yet he’s not doing what he’s slamming others for not doing. Put up or shut up. We have the tape.

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