Fox News Shows Trump Photos Of Potential Democrat Opponents — Trump Tears Into Them

Benny Johnson | Columnist, Viral Politics

President Trump joined “Fox & Friends” Thursday for a phone interview that lasted nearly an hour. At one point, hosts presented an onscreen list of likely 2020 opponents for president Trump. The list included former Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State John Kerry, and Sens. Kamala Harris. Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren.

The host asked which Democrat Trump was most scared of.

“I like every one of them,” Trump said. “Any one of them I’d like.”

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The president then went down the list, criticizing all of the potential candidates.

“How about Elizabeth Warren?” Trump said. “She faked her heritage for years. She said her mother told her she had high cheekbones; therefore, she has Indian blood. You know what? I have more Indian blood in me than she does, and I have none.”

Moving on to Booker, Trump said, “Cory Booker ran Newark, New Jersey — when he was mayor — into the ground.”

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He continued: “Bernie — I have to give it to Bernie. He is in there fighting. I saw him the other night. I said to my wife, ‘Look at that guy. Look at that guy. He is out there flailing and fighting.”

The president went on to criticize Bernie’s healthcare plan. “Bernie’s plan it is a catastrophe. Basically, it is government-run [health care]. The government can’t run anything. They have proven that. Health care would be a disaster.”

Trump touted his administration’s multiple records on the economy before saying about the list of Democrats, “Any one of those names I like. I don’t see a name I don’t like.”


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