Get A Fire TV Stick, Get A Free Echo Dot

Kevin Oliver | Contributor

Alexa, what’s the cheapest way to get a second generation Echo Dot?

Yet another hot early Black Friday sale has hit the Amazon shelves. With the purchase of a standard Fire TV Stick, Amazon is throwing in a free (as in zero dollars) second generation Echo Dot. In other words, for the low price of around $39.98, you can have two of Amazon’s most high-profile media interfaces, totaling to a stout 50 percent savings. With this bundle, users can pair their new Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick for total Alexa-based voice control of their TV screens, or simply use the devices separately.

Normally $80, this Fire TV stick + Echo Dot is 50 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $80, this Fire TV stick + Echo Dot is 50 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Fire TV Stick bundle with Echo Dot (2nd Gen) – Black on sale for $39.98

Regardless of how you would use the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot, this is certainly a deal worth taking advantage of. Be sure to hop over to Amazon and nab this deal before it ends.

Get the Fire TV Stick with a free Echo Dot for $39.98 — a total savings of $40.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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